09/18/2012 08:57 am ET Updated Nov 18, 2012

Food Porn: Brilliance From David Burke

by Alyssa Bereznak, Vanity Fair; photographs and captions by David Burke

Though ultra-creative, maximalist chef David Burke was talented from the beginning of his career -- earning high praise at his culinary institute in France and a coveted executive-chef position at the River Café -- one could argue that it wasn't until he moved his catchy Burke in the Box eat-in cafés into Bloomingdale's that he grew into his role as an inventive and wildly successful celebrity chef. Since then, he's opened a slew of brand-name restaurants under his original Upper East Side Townhouse umbrella and has earned raves for his culinary inventions like Pastrami Salmon and Flavorsprays. Get a taste of Burke's everyday culinary encounters in his iPhone photos of food, from savory peanut brittle to watermelon-and-asparagus salad at David Burke Kitchen.

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