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Vicki Gass

Blog Entries by Vicki Gass

Rebuilding El Salvador Sustainably

Posted November 11, 2011 | 15:54:10 (EST)

International and national officials in El Salvador are calling it one of the worst crises in the country's history. What was more terrible than the civil war of the 1980s that claimed over 70,000 lives and even worse than Hurricane Mitch, which ravaged the region in 1998? It was Tropical...

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Economic Security or Border Security: Immigration and the New Congress

Posted November 9, 2010 | 12:40:39 (EST)

This week, government and civil society representatives from around the world will gather at the IV Global Forum on Migration and Development in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to discuss the factors that lead people to emigrate and leave behind their families, homes and roots. Increasingly, advocates worldwide are pushing governments to...

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Restoring International Relations With Honduras: A Way Forward

Posted January 26, 2010 | 14:40:01 (EST)

Honduras today is a country divided - both internally and from the international community. Last year's June 28 coup d'état that ousted President Manuel Zelaya did more than disrupt democratic order; it fractured families, communities and political parties. The coup regime has not been recognized by the Obama Administration because...

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