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Vicki Iovine


Top Ten Activities to Keep the Valentine's Day Blues at Bay

Posted: 02/14/11 11:17 AM ET

Divorce isn't one big catastrophic event, but rather a series of little murders to the heart. The most violently homicidal of them is Valentine's Day. Between card shops, florists, restaurants and jewelers insisting that February 14 is a high holy day for romance and the delusion that all couples are deliriously in love and showering each other with gifts, poetry and passion, a person on a "time out" from love can't be blamed for dreading its approach.

Here are some suggestions I've collected from my own post-divorce Valentine's Day near-death experiences, as well as those of my friends who have also confronted the Divorce Demons of loneliness and grief. With this wisdom, you may not only survive this fatuous day, you may beat the crap out of it!

Make A List
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Take up paper and pen to list the last five Valentine's Days you shared with your former spouse and how you spent them. Mention any gifts you can recall receiving that neither you nor his/her assistant bought on his/her behalf. Be specific. Mention the meals out, if there were any, and list the details of the intimacy that followed. I'm guessing your list is less than half a page. I rest my case.

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