12/03/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The 5 Worst Types of Roommates

The crib is where the heart is. Or at least that's where it should be. But if you've ever shared a room, apartment or pile of any sort, you will know that home is sometimes a pigsty. Whether it's the girl who keeps borrowing your coffee, clothes and boyfriend or the dude who can't pay the cable bill, but finds the cash for his all-night keg parties, roommate hate is an inevitable part of life on earth. The only escape is out and the only respite is to rant.


We've all had a bad roommate, whether it was freshmen year in the dorms or someone you met via Craigslist. And with high rent in most urban areas, unemployment fallout and divorce, many have had to return to the roommate. My partner Jessica Ramakrishnan and I, the co-founders of My Very Worst Date, decided to collect tales of roommate hate in one place: My Very Worst Roommate. The blog features dispatches from the shared housing frontline: sloths, thieves, oversharers, TV hogs, etc.

We've put together the 5 Worst Types of Roommates based on the submissions we have received. Have you had any of them?

1. The Messy Roommate. They clog your toilet or worse. They shed hair, don't do the dishes and constantly leave stuff around the homestead.

2. The Delusional Roommate. She dresses and lives as Tinkerbell while he thinks his rock star big break is just around the corner.

3. The Pet Abuser. Our poor feline friends. We receive a disproportionate amount of bad roommate stories involving cats (and rats too).

4. The Skanky Roommate. They are dangerously promiscuous , exposing you to all sort of randoms, or they sleep with the A/C repair guy to pay their bills.

5. The Trouble Making Roommate. Whether she gets you in trouble with your parents or he's exposing you to all sorts of druggers and deviants, there's always a roommie who simply makes trouble for you.

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