Eat, Pray, Love: The Recipe for Celebrity Breakups?

01/12/2011 03:19 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Everyone has likely read or watched the movie Eat Pray Love. I was just in Rome and thought about how this story can possibly help celebrities and divorceés really cleanse their souls from the a trying divorce and get them on the road to recovery.

Gilbert's book starts in Bali, where she is seeking guidance from a spiritual healer. In Rome, she's lapping up gelato. And in India, she is visiting temples. Fans of Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling memoir Eat Pray Love have been following in her footsteps ever since it was first published in 2006. The book describes a year Gilbert spent living in Italy, India and Indonesia on the rebound from a divorce and failed romance. I just saw the movie for the third time and started thinking about how this mental journey to far away land could help celebrities after a tough break up?

I think we all dream of packing up and taking off for another country when a break up occurs. What if Jennifer Aniston jetted to India when Brad left for the sultry Jolie. What is Sandra Bullock packed up for Italy when the news broke that Jesse James was cheating on her during the filming of The Blindside? What if Elin Woods immediately left for Bali when news broke that Tiger Woods had over 15 affairs with different women all over the country? Could a trend begin that women scorn both celebrity and the like be given a "free pass" to travel for a few months to clear their heads and hide from the publicity?

Having divorced hundreds of people for over a decade, I have seen people at their worst. Truly, when a marriage ends it is akin to a death of a relationship of sorts. Coping with the loss is a new and uncharted territory. Many people need the help of experts to help navigate the way through the cathartic journey of divorce. It's painful and has its twists and turns but can be remedied by self work and focusing on the next chapter. Being honest with yourself about what went wrong is paramount so that you do not repeat those mistakes that you can control.

Focusing on rebuilding your life and what matters most will assist you through the transformation path. Booking a trip to a foreign place to travel and explore could be a way to self discovery and a way to begin to heal your broken heart. Spending time alone has a medicinal ability to take you out of your comfort zone. Learning a new language, trying new food and striking up conversation with strangers can enhance your confidence and take you to the next level of growth. My favorite place in the world is South Africa where my family is from and many still live. To be in the bush with wild animals, to watch a different culture interact and try new cuisine to me, is life changing. It makes you more tolerant of others and teaches you compassion. Those skills can be used in your daily life to help you deal with a broken heart or one on the mend. Forgiveness is also a very powerful tool. Even Elin Woods and Sandra Bullock should try to find it in their hearts to forgive their cheating husbands so they can be free to love again as they also must co parent with these men for the rest of their lives. Harboring ill feelings does no one a service and can only hinder growth and the possibility for love to blossom again in the future.

Traveling may be the panacea that many of us and celebrity females need to help heal a broken heart and possibly even find lust or even love in the future! A quick fix to heal a broken heart has really arrived thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert's movie. It certainly sends an interesting message to those scorn that's it is okay to pick up, travel and work on yourself for once. You certainly owe it to yourself to be happy. There is nothing better than to love yourself unconditionally and open your heart to someone who loves you as much as you love them.