06/07/2010 09:21 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Proof of Insanity on Wall Street? BP & Profits

"BP oil spill liabilities could run into the tens of billions -- yet a majority of analysts still rate the stock a "buy." Proof that Wall Street is insane?" ~ published over 3 weeks after oil spill.

Why would anyone rate BP a "buy" after weeks of seeing the absolute destruction in the Gulf? And morally how could they rate BP a "buy" and how could anyone in their right mind buy stock in BP? This is sickening...and it is simply insane. I decided to look up the definition of "insanity"...interesting when applied to what is going on in terms of the banks and Wall Street undermining the US economy and its well as the damage being caused in the Gulf due to BP's oil spill disaster:

"Insanity, craziness or madness is a spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns. Insanity may manifest as violations of societal norms, including becoming a danger to themselves and others..."

So if BP and Wall Street are insane, why can't the rest of the sane concerned citizens and our (seemingly fewer and fewer) sane representatives do something which stops this insanity forever? Make the regulations so tough that the companies will no longer operate in illegal ways taking their chances to simply not get caught or have a disaster on their hands. People are suffering and out of work, have had their retirement used for casino-like gambling of their futures, the public schools are a mess, and now the Gulf of Mexico has become a dead zone. Wall Street and BP have proven themselves to be violating societal norms and are most definitely a danger to themselves and others. We had to bail out the banks and will be dealing with environmental catastrophe for decades to come. We are paying for their insanity!

The profits they make are like the Prozac and painkillers they need to keep from falling into depression and realizing what they have done. They need to feel the pain of the havoc they have caused. It is only through suffering that they will learn never to act in these ways again!

They are insane. We have the proof. Those who are being rewarded are the ones who are doing the damage. We have proof that those who succeed in this sick economy are actually narcissists and liars, trading on inside information and sleight of hand. People who steal are making profits off of others. They steal ideas, nature, livelihoods...even lives. They put us all at risk.

I keep thinking of one of those photos of an oil-covered bird "rescued" from the Gulf. The bird's eye is looking out at all of us. That bird knows we humans are insane. Those haunting images of dead and dying animals should be a warning to us in our insanity. We will perish by the hand of our own greed. Unless we act together and stop those who place profits ahead of humans, ahead of nature, ahead of our children's futures...we will be damned to live inside an asylum, and the craziest and most destructive of beings will be the ones holding the keys to our freedom.