08/03/2010 12:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sen. Bennet Will Have Plenty of Time to Think About China Soon

Volunteers for Andrew Romanoff are busting their behinds day in and day out and Mr. Romanoff himself is crisscrossing the state connecting with voters and making his case for their vote.

What's Bennet up to? From the latest edition of the New Yorker:

Michael Bennet, a freshman Democrat from Colorado, said, "Sit and watch us for seven days -- just watch the floor. You know what you'll see happening? Nothing. When I'm in the chair, I sit there thinking, I wonder what they're doing in China right now?"

Uh, what? You have a primary -- guess your day dreaming is happening on the campaign trail too and Andrew Romanoff is taking advantage of it -- and is surging in the polls.

Local Progressive Talk Show Host Mario Solis Marich says it best today:

"In my history of campaigns, I always said a candidate can't win without PAC money -- I have never said you could win without it. Now that's not the case. Romanoff is doing it."

Mario isn't the only one who has been stunned by Romanoff's surge of late. In fact some local Politicos wonders oddly, how Andrew Romanoff can win without PAC Money.

"He's only got one house he can sell," said former state party chairman Chris Gates, a Bennet supporter.

It is ironic that Chris Gates berates Andrew Romanoff for selling his house to lend himself $300,000 dollars from the sale of his home, when Michael Bennet just went to the bank to loan himself $300,000 for his suddenly losing campaign.

Bennet has loaned himself $300,000 in the closing days of his primary contest against Andrew Romanoff. Romanoff sold his Denver home and cleared his personal savings to loan his campaign $325,000 in recent weeks.

And it is ironic that many people are surprised that candidates like Andrew Romanoff are winning with a message of not taking PAC money.
State Attorney General Candidate Stan Garnett is taking the same pledge also.
Has everyone forgotten who just won nationally on a 'No PAC money pledge?"


Barack Obama won the Presidency with no Corporate PAC money, and so can Andrew Romanoff.

As you can see in this diary about Primary Candidate Andrew Romanoff (that was up on the rec list for the last 2 days) -- Mr. Romanoff has come from behind from a double digit deficit to a lead in 4 weeks -- and all without taking any PAC money against a conservadem.

Wednesday August 4th is the Andrew Romanoff Moneybomb Day. Help Andrew get not only past the primary but able to beat a Tea Party Republican (Ken Buck) in the general: Donate to Andrew Romanoff here:

AUGUST 4TH, 2010