Egyptian TV Channels On Strike In Key Football Match

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The land of Egypt has recently witnessed thousands of protests during the past few years! Protests have now expanded to space! In a sudden brave move, several Egyptian Private T.V. Satellite Channels have seized transmission for the duration of the widely-watched and highly-charged FIFA World Cup Qualifiers' final! The 3 channels, Dream, Modern Sport and Haya suddenly seized transmission after broadcasting a message of protest against "monopolistic" and "abusive" policies of the Minister of Media. The channels apologized to Egyptian audience and wished the Egyptian team to qualify for World Cup finals. Since the 1950s, Egypt has always had a minister of media, who was called until the 1970's minister of "National Guidance", where the regime confiscated private media outlets and controlled the entire media scene. Newspapers, Television and Radio became a propaganda mouthpiece to maintain status quo and silence voices of opposition.

The regime controls most media outlets, including so-called National Newspapers, UHF TV channels and radio Channels. Even private newspapers and TV channels operate within narrowly defined redlines. Under such circumstances, this move is very brave specially that it comes at a very high profile sport event of National interest to millions of Egyptians. This move will undoubtedly embarrass the regime but hopefully not to the extent of prosecuting these channels.