05/04/2011 07:00 pm ET | Updated Jul 04, 2011

World Press Freedom: Words Made Powerful

Press Freedom from Walden Davis on Vimeo.

In the midst of the Arab Spring, World Press Freedom Day, May 3, seems even more important than in years past. When President Barack Obama spoke at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner a few days before, he joked and joshed with the crowd, but he ended his stand-up seriously. He saluted journalists for the essential role they play in supporting civil society and sustaining democracy across the globe.

For young adults and teenagers like me, most of what politicians say sounds like so many platitudes, but when I heard the President call for his audience to recall those who lived and died so that we at home might know what is happening around the world, I decided that I wanted to make his words more accessible to people my age.

Talking about social justice issues through the medium of animated video allows me to communicate across all kinds of divides -- in ways that traditional reporting cannot. I hope those who see this video remember the words that I illustrate better than if they had just heard them. I think the words are more powerful because they have been visualized; they have been made dynamic.


To draw the scenes of this video I used Facebook's Graffiti application. I filmed myself drawing using the application's replay functionality and edited it all using Apple's iMovie.

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