06/23/2011 04:01 pm ET | Updated Aug 23, 2011

How the GOP and Dems Can Win

As a nationally-syndicated radio host and attorney, I've had the opportunity to speak to millions of people about the upcoming election. While health care, Medicaid and Medicare, along with the wars and Social Security are important issues in the minds of many Americans; the number one issue is the unemployment rate. This issue is germane to minorities and especially important due to the fact that the national unemployment rate is sitting close to 9 percent but in minority communities, the unemployment rate is sitting at 17 percent or higher. This is the key to 2012.

How the GOP can win?

The GOP for the first time since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s father voted Republican has a real chance to make end roads in the communities where most minorities live. It's quite simple; whoever the GOP nominee is needs to do a 20 city urban tour. Now I'm not talking about a fly by or drive by, I mean going into the heart of the community. Standing in that community saying simply this, "I am here because I care. I am here to listen and learn what you need in your community to be successful." This would do a world of impactful change in the psyche of the mind of those most affected by the harsh impact of unemployment.
This one tour could potentially change the entire election of 2012. Why you ask? If a GOP nominee can get just 8 percent of these urban communities to vote for them or not vote at all, this would substantially change the possible outcome of 2012 based on the election of 2008. Now, the question is, does anyone in the GOP have the heart to come to the ghetto?

How the Dems can win?

This is quite simple; they must first follow the game plan that I mentioned above for the GOP. More importantly, they must tell the truth to the American people. The truth is simply this, the banks and the big corporations are making record profits. However, with these increased profits, they are not creating jobs. Now as a learned man, I ask the question, why no job creation with record profits? The answer is this, the corporations, the oil companies, the banks are all tied to one political association...the GOP! Due to the fact that they are in bed with the GOP, they refuse to create jobs, to lend money, and to create opportunity while our current President is in office. This is a harsh truth that the Democrats refuse to address publically.

Who wins?

To me, there can only be one winner...and that is the American people, especially those of us who are unemployed, such as the 99ers, the union workers, and all the amazing folks in the educational field whose jobs have been eliminated while we spend millions on war. In the end, the true candidate who will emerge as president will simply be someone who tells the truth and who comes to the people!