03/23/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Was the Secret Service Warned about the Salahis?

Washington Life reports that the Secret Service was warned about the Salahis after they attempted to crash an inauguration event at the Lincoln Memorial one year ago.

Greg Woodell, the Salahis' former limousine driver, and Rachel Harshman, once a close friend of Michaele Salahi, allege that the infamous couple crashed the presidential inauguration. They claim the couple placed a fake pass in the window of their white Lincoln limousine to get into a restricted area of the National Mall.

The limo pass, which has been taken as evidence by the Secret Service, shows a presidential seal and the words: "Official Presidential Inaugural 2009 Vehihcle (sic)," with the word "vehicle" misspelled. Woodell claims that Tareq Salahi produced the pass on his home computer, photo-shopping the presidential seal onto the pass.

Woodell, 39, became the Salahis' driver in January 2009, but quit the job in May. He said that he warned the government about the couple.

"I went to the Secret Service on four separate occasions and warned them about Tareq and Michaele," Woodell said. "We told them that they wanted to get close to the Obamas and that this would end up real messy unless they did something."

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Seema Sharma, Tareq Salahi, India Amb. Meera Shankar, Rajeev Sharma at the America's Cup of Polo. (Photo by Tony Powell, courtesy of Washington Life magazine)

The limo pass that former Salahi limo driver Greg Woodell claims Tareq forged in order to gain access to the inauguration ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial, which was attended by Barack Obama and all the living presidents. Note the misspelling of "Vehicle." (Photo by Michael M. Clements, courtesy of Washington Life magazine)