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March 4, 2015
Weird News Podcasts

Plants Don't Have Mouths, But They Can Sing

I can't believe it, yet I can't not. I hear it with my own ears. I decide to smile at the mystery. I stretch back underneath the shady branches and listen.

Man Shoots Sister With BB Gun Over Phallic Birthday Cake: Cops

Christopher Taft
Volusia County Jail

Mt. Everest Is Covered In Human Poop, And That's a Problem: Offical


Angry Englishman Stuck In Traffic Is All The Rage (NSFW)

Arthur Wallace Vines

Woman Pleads Guilty To Digging Up Dad's Grave To Find 'Real Will'

Melanie Nash
Colebrook Police Dept

Man Bit Off Fingertip While Watching UFC Fight: Cops

Manuel Aragon
Albuquerque Police Dept.

The 20 Most Popular Beers In America

Popular Beers
MIXA via Getty Images

LISTEN: Foul-Mouthed Kid Just Wants His $^%& Cartoons Back

Temper Tantrum Boy
Fuse via Getty Images

Man Finds Vomit-Covered Stranger Passed Out In Dining Room

Matthew Needles
Arlington County Police

Now We Know Why Louisville, Kentucky Has Smelled Like Mildew For A Week

Louisville Kentucky
Richard Cummins via Getty Images

On Cat Island, Cats Outnumber Humans 6 To 1

Cat Island

Accused Public Masturbator Tells Cops He Has 'A Problem'

Jeremy Percival Bryant
Myrtle Beach Police

The 'Hot Convict' Is Going To Be A Model After Prison

Jeremy Meeks

Man Gets Tattoo Of #TheDress On His Leg

The Dress

DEA: If Utah Passes Medical Weed, Rabbits Will Get Stoned

Louisville, Kentucky Smells Like Mildew And No One Knows Why

Louisville Kentucky
Todd Taulman via Getty Images

Cops Find Weed In Sour Cream Container Marked 'Not Weed'

Shutterstock / Eldad Carin

Man Arrested After Failed Attempt To Steal Airplane: Police

Marion County Jail

Man Arrested On 9th DWI Charge Wears Unsurprising T-Shirt

Bell County

Did Cops Target This Passenger Just For Being Made Out Of Wood?

CBS New York

The 9 Most Offensive-Smelling Foods To Eat At Your Desk, From Stink To Stank

Office Foods

Stupidest Things Done By Criminals In Front Of Cops

Dumb Crook

Zip-Line Through The Amazon Jungle With Google's Newest Feature

Zip Line Amazon

What Happens When You Jump Into A Tub Of Coke Zero With Mentos?



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Man Throws Brick At Window. Brick Bounces Off Window. Brick Knocks Man Out. (VIDEO)

YouTube / Gerry Brady

WATCH: Gripping Midair Rescue Caught On Video After Skydiver Has Seizure

Skydiving Seizure

Candy-Hauling Man Used 'James Bond' Device To Hide License From Toll Booth: Cops

James Bond

BLADES OF GLORY: It's World Sword Swallowers Day

Brett Loudermilk
HuffPost Live

Dirty Pig Pulls Over Man, Takes Bribe


7 Images Almost As Freaky As #TheDress

tumblr: swiked

You Are So Ready For Skateboarders Jumping Human Ramps


Impatient Thirsty Man Sets Fire To Own Home: Cops

Jerome Clemons
Palm Beach County Jail

An Owl Is Now Attacking Pedestrians In The Netherlands, Too

Aggressive Owl

U.S. Military: Loose Llamas Had No Connection To ISIS


Two Suspected Vandals Rescued From Cliff, Arrested At California Park

National Park Service
AP/National Park Service

Someone Stole An Entire House In Oregon

Missing House

Does This Trucker Think He's James Bond?

James Bond
Johan Knelsen via Getty Images

Rest In Peace, Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Did This Man Catch A Giant Catfish, Or The Spawn Of Cthulhu?

Big Fish
Sportex Italia

There's A Kickstarter To Buy 5 Acres Of Hell

Hell Michigan
Andy Sacks via Getty Images

Police Find Mysterious Tunnel In Toronto

Toronto City
Tom Szczerbowski via Getty Images