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July 26, 2016
Weird News Podcasts

Peggy and Nancy, the most Weird and Wonderfully Dynamic Duo of All Time, Either Living or Dead

Athena Image Nancy Witter

Last week formerly deceased songbird, Peggy “Lazarus” Lee, joined the pantheon of resuscitated megastars, or reasonable facsimiles thereof, in the cabaret catacombs at...

World's Tallest Water Slide May Also Be The Most Frightening

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Empire State Building Hit By Lightning

Henrik Moltke

Florida Man Has World's Greatest Criminal Alias Ever (Trust Us!)

Pinellas County Jail

Dentist Shows Off Gruesome Injures After Shark Attack In The Bahamas


Baltimore Just Had Its Very Own Running Of The Bulls. Kind Of.

Twitter/Fox Baltimore

Adorable Animals Are Even More Adorable When They're Sleepy

The Pet Collective

Prank On Level 26 Pokemon Go Player Goes So Very Wrong


This Man Sitting In An Ice Bucket While Eating Peppers Is So Chill

VCG via Getty Images

Flute-Playing Paddleboarder Gets A Whale Of A Surprise

Viviana Guzman

You're Never Too Young To Shop Til You Drop

America's Funniest Home Videos

Watch This Bartender Pour 17 Jagerbombs At Once

YouTube/Viral Hog

This Is The Chaos That Would Ensue If Pokemon Were Real

YouTube/Casey Neistat

WATCH: Man Flies Off The Edge Of Water Slide Onto Rocky Cliff

Facebook/David Salmon

Surprise! Kayaker Finds Himself Paddling Beside A Massive Black Bear

Facebook/Matthew Garrity

Woman Comes Home To Find 'Pole-Dancing' Koala

Nikki Erickson/Facebook

Wild Boar Charges Out Of The Sea, Panics Beachgoers


It's Hard To Resist Popping These Disgusting Pimple Cupcakes

Facebook/Dr. Sandra Lee

Does Your Dog Trust You Enough To Do This?


Wanted Man Caught While Playing Pokemon Go Outside Police Station

Milford Police Dept.

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Soda Blows A Hole In What You Know About Junk Food

Instagram video


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