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July 30, 2016
Weird News Podcasts

Peggy and Nancy, the most Weird and Wonderfully Dynamic Duo of All Time, Either Living or Dead

Athena Image Nancy Witter

Last week formerly deceased songbird, Peggy “Lazarus” Lee, joined the pantheon of resuscitated megastars, or reasonable facsimiles thereof, in the cabaret catacombs at...

You've Never Had Pizza Cooked Like This Before


Kayaker Films Heart-Stopping Moment A Massive Shark Circles His Boat

Facebook/Ian Watkins

British 'Donkey Whisperer' Uses Technology To Translates 'Ee-Aws'


There Is No Good Reason To Dye Your Dog's Fur To Look Like Pikachu


Mysterious Lights Streaking Over Las Vegas Sky Spark UFO Theories

YouTube/Ian Norman

Harrowing Photos Show Surfers Fleeing Large Shark

rami halim via Getty Images

Woman Claims 'Sexual-Style Assault' By Restaurant's Pee-Pee Doll


Would You Eat This 340-Year-Old Shipwreck Cheese?

Lars Einarsson/Kalmar County Museum

Watch This Dude Pour Molten Copper Over M&Ms In The Name Of Art


Hundreds Of Wild Ponies Make A Splash During Annual Swim Fundraiser

The Washington Post via Getty Images

Watch This Guy Dress Up Like A Tree And Seriously Freak Out Pedestrians

60 Seconds Docs

Watch This Makeup Artist Transform Herself Into Ron Swanson

Katelyn Galloway

This Dog Hates Getting The Middle Finger, Just Like People!


What's The Deal With The Guy Accused Of A Crime Straight From 'Seinfeld'?

Gary Hershorn / Reuters

World's Tallest Water Slide May Also Be The Most Frightening

Travel Channel


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