02/22/2012 12:27 pm ET | Updated Oct 08, 2012

Fashion Bloggers Flaunt Blue-Collar Pride

A denim shirt/jacket with jeans: some call the look the Texas tuxedo; others call it the Canadian tuxedo. Fashionistas called it a faux pas until 2009, when Chloe, Ralph Lauren and D&G sent head-to-toe denim down the runway. The next year, the style went mainstream as Gap made it the focus of an advertising campaign. By 2011, blue jeans temporarily fell out of favor as red jeans became the red-hot pants. Now the blue- and bright-jean trends have converged: Fashion bloggers of all ages and sizes are pairing denim shirts with either traditional or red jeans. Others wear their blue shirts with other brightly colored pants or printed skirts.

Alicia of Instant Vintage recently bought a chambray shirt from American Eagle Outfitters. She explains, "I love it because it's easy to wear, goes beautifully with brights and neutrals, and feels more put together than just a t-shirt." Rocquelle Porch of Consider Me Lovely -- seen in the slideshow wearing her Target shirt with khaki pants -- says, "My favorite way to wear a denim shirt is with a soft chiffon midi or maxi skirt, because I love the dynamic between structured and flowy pieces... or with other denim because for so many years denim-on-denim was a big no-no, but when done right is instantly chic."

The denim-shirt trend is accessible to all budgets and body types. All you need is some inspiration. Click through the slideshow to see an array of styling options.

Blue Collared