05/12/2011 11:32 am ET Updated Jul 12, 2011

Chelsea Handler Got Chunky

There's a special man in late-night vixen Chelsea Handler's life. He's furry, walks on all-fours, and will eat anything. No, it's not Chuy. It's Chelsea's new dog, Chunk!

Chunk had a tough life in the pounds of Los Angeles. Pinned as having behavioral problems, this misunderstood mutt was expected to be another victim silenced by euthanasia. But as volunteers began to spend more time with Chunk (formerly known as Guinness) it became clear that his issues were fixable -- a result of the jarring shelter system and not a permanent behavioral problem. If he could just be adopted to a happy, healthy home, he would be a loving and loyal companion.

That's where Chelsea comes in.

When the outspoken E! hostess heard that Chunk was going to be put down in a matter of days, she knew something had to be done. "I love kids and I love animals, I just never wanted one of my own, so this is something new for me," she says. Though this is Handler's first dog, she is a staunch supporter of PETA and animal rights. In March, Chelsea had a lot to say in response to Real Housewife of New York Kelly Bensimon's episode-long quest for a fur vest. Handler retorted, "You think you're a great fur wearer? You know who wears it better? The innocent animal it came from."

As quickly as his mom rose to fame with her talk show Chelsea Lately, Chunk is gaining quite the following of his own. He's got his own Facebook fan page, and, of course, his own Twitter. What does a dog have to tweet, you ask? "I am so sick of f***ing salads," he has said.

It sounds like Chunk and Chelsea are a match made in foulmouthed Hollywood heaven.

Lucky caught up with Chelsea Handler at the Washington Correspondence Dinner to talk about her new book, Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me. This hilarious book is out now, and Chelsea has just announced another tour for its release. The book is about the crazy lies and stories Chelsea has told her friends and family that they foolishly believed! Maybe Chunk was able to get a few lies of his own in there.

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