Lucky Learns How To Count To 10-10-10!

05/24/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Taking a breather this week from the world's most talked about dog, Bo Obama, I fear Bo might end up like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan if we don't let this sitting dog lie already.

So let's talk about British American Idol's singing sensation Susan Boyle and her purrfect cat Pebbles... No we wish but no news except they are a purrfect couple!

What a week Lucky and I had! Started out with a discussion with Mad Men's John Slattery, LOVE the show, nothing better than cuddling with Lucky and dreaming of being back in the 60's when high-powered men wore fitted suits (I guess some were already wearing bell bottom jeans by then). John was excited to chat about Peanut, his new rescue dog from the Animal Haven shelter. The dog is black and white, and originally named Oreo (as in the cookie), but he just felt the dog should be named Peanut (he's obviously not allergic to nuts or mutts)! I just assumed he was thinking about Charlz Schultz's comic strip and Snoopy! We were at the Our Time Theatre Company Benefit at NYU, honoring famed photographer Howard Bingham with the Our Time Award. We also ran into our neighbor, dear friend, and actor BD Wong, who was celebrating the Obama's naming their dog Bo, the same name as his brother (okay I had to mention Bo Obama just this once)! The event was touching as the theater supports and honors a person who is inspirational to young performers that stutter. Our Time's mission and ultimate goal is through creative programming, to bring positive change to kids who stutter, helping them reach their true potential and integrate more fully into the everyday world.

I ventured off solo to the 21 Club for breakfast with Suzy Welch to celebrate her newest book 10-10-10. Lucky stayed home pouting, she wasn't very happy that she would miss their famed and very expensive, but well worth it, hamburger (what's a spoiled NYC dog to do). "The First Woman of Finance" was there, Muriel Seibert. She is the original woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange and the first woman to head one of its member firms. She was cracking me up about Monster (not the economy), her longhaired Maltese! Not only is this woman a financial wizard, she has a great sense of humor. I couldn't contain my roar of laughter when she shared stories about all her wheelings and dealings that made her a powerhouse on Wall Street! Her offices were located at the famed Lipstick building, in fact the same building and same floor where the $50 billion dollar Bernie Madoff housed his scandal, too bad Monster did not sniff out the other monster down the hall. At the ripe age of 76-years-old, Muriel is still a shrewd businesswoman and also a fellow Cleveland, Ohio homegrown, same as me. She is responsible for convincing her Lipstick landlord (kiss-kiss) to change his no dog policy when she informed him, "No leash - No lease."

We both were thrilled to celebrate Suzy Welch's new book 10-10-10. Funny I didn't need Lucky's canine presence at the breakfast after listening to Suzy's take on falling in Puppy Love with Jack Welch. It started at the very place where we were sitting, the 21 Club over a dirty martini. 10-10-10 is a book about a transformative and value driven lifestyle, and choices made in 10 minutes - 10 months - 10 years. All I could think about during the conversation is how dogs know value instinctually, they naturally are easy going and pleasing, they just want to love, eat, play and sleep. And aren't we lucky!

I had to ask my notorious question to the man worked for 40 years at GE (Parent company of NBC, who's Today Show Lucky and I appear on for pet lifestyle segments) -- 20 years running the place, Jack Welch, "If Suzy was a dog what breed would she be?" Without hesitation he said Lassie; tender, and always there ... Suzy immediately set it straight (she didn't want to appear to be a lapdog), She loves big dogs, recently her beloved Mastiff Abigail passed away. Suzy in turn replied about Jack, "I would say Jack is more like a Cairn terrier, the kind of dog I grew up with. He's very smart, adorable, fierce, and completely loyal. Plus, he's very high energy." Funny, the next night I ran into Jack and Suzy sans Lucky again, and you just have to love that one of the most powerful men in the world greeted me with a hearty "Bow Wow! " Hysterical!

I get the whole 10-10-10 thing! Especially this year, since its Animal Fair Media Inc.'s 10 year anniversary. I appreciate all the incredible experiences those years have brought me, every 10 minutes, 10 months and over the past 10 years. I'm very grateful and have found real happiness through my little rescued Maltese, Lucky -- who is also happy, everything with Wanda my Beta fish is going swimmingly, and Pasha, my Russian Blue cat is purring 24 hours a day (even in his sleep). The past ten years has been worth every challenge and success and actually has been a priceless time in my life! Is there a Piggy bank for sale? Try Pet Smart.