Mickey Rourke on Puppy Love

03/07/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Wendy Diamond Social entrepreneur, humanitarian, endangered animal and rescue advocate

Ok, Groundhog Day's biggest celebrity, Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog has stuck his head out of the hole and spoken: 6 more weeks of winter. That's right, old Phil saw his shadow and now we're all in for some more blistering cold temperatures. I guess it's true what they say: "It ain't over 'til the fat groundhog sings and sees his shadow." Too bad.

This week Lucky and I attended Reflected Light IV, a gala to benefit Riverkeeper, an outstanding ecological organization that is dedicated to protecting the Hudson River and New York City water, by tracking down dangerous chemical polluters. Since 1983, Riverkeeper has caught over 300 organizations polluting watershed going into New York City. Not included on the list would be Airbus A320 that amazingly had to crash land and was glided to safety on the Hudson River by US Airways veteran pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger. That was less of a polluter and more of a miracle (thank Dog)! The gala was a nice change for Lucky who may be used to socializing with humans, but fortunately for her, our dear friend Richard Belzer and his wife Harlee McBride brought along their two adorable pups, BeBe and Django so Lucky got to sniff some doggy behinds. How comforting for her. Also along for the fun was MC Debbie Harry, Lauren Hutton, Matt Dillon, Robert Kennedy Jr., and Richard Gere who is prepping for the release of his new dog drama, Hachiku: A Dog Story, where he'll star alongside Jason Alexander and Joan Allen.

Before Lucky and I even knew it, it was off to LA for this dynamic duo. We escaped the bitter New York cold and had no time to bask in the California sunshine like everyone else was doing. No, there was no time for that. While in LA, Lucky and I also got to hang out with Bret Michaels, former lead vocalist of Poison, and familiar face on VH1's Rock of Love (now in it's third season). Lucky was very nervous to be around the rocker, after all, she's a fan of dogs with shaggy cuts, but she wasn't exactly trying to get lucky with him either ... he has enough girls on his show for that. And while many people will call Michaels a horny dog, they might be surprised to find out he has two of his own, Shiloh and Diesel. Shiloh and Diesel are Michaels's German Shepherds who keep him warm at night when a Rock of Love girl isn't.

Lucky and I also got to hang with members of the biggest dog movie of the year, Slumdog Millionaire. Well the movie has nothing to do with dogs, the word is in the title and is an outstanding portrait of growing up in poverty-stricken Mumbai. Lucky got cozy with the film's star, Dev Patel, as well as the Oscar-nominated composer, A.R. Rahman. I think she was trying to inspire them both in hopes of getting some added attention for a possible starring role in Slumdog Millionaire 2, set in Malta, home of the Maltese, but I don't think that's going to happen.

While in LA, Lucky and I did a whistle stop PSA tour catching up with recent Golden Globe winner and Oscar-nominee, The Wrestler star Mickey Rourke at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Mickey is one of the most passionate and articulate animal lovers I daresay I have ever met. He has repetitively said that his dogs have saved his life and helped him turn his career around. But when I asked him about puppy love he had some interesting things to say. "I believe in puppy love more than anything else. With dogs [not humans]. Humans you can't trust, dogs you can trust, they never lie to you, they just love you. Puppy love is the only thing that's truthful, honest," Rourke told me. I had to ask what advice he would give to all the singles out there in the US, and he responded abruptly saying, "Stick with the one night stands and get a puppy. I would trust a four-legged female before I'd trust a two-legged one."

Rourke brought Loki along with him, his 18, yes 18 year-old (that's 126 in dog years if you were counting) deaf Chihuahua mix. Loki came from two rescued Chihuahua's named Beau Jack and Angel, and when Rourke first saw the litter of seven puppies he had to pick Loki. "I just fell in love with her. She was the runt, she had these little white mittens. Cute, huh?" No matter Loki's age, Rourke continues to adore her. She was there to see Rourke in a pretty ruff state, and was part of the crew that brought him back to what he is today.

But not everyone can be lounging at the Four Seasons and the sad fact is we are seeing a record number of homeowners getting foreclosed, and abandoning their pets when leaving foreclosed homes behind. This new trend is both mind-blowing and upsetting, but we can't let this affect our pets. No matter what happens you must look after you pet anyway you can. Not only is it unlawful to leave your pet behind, but it's also inhumane. If you're struggling trying to find a place for your pet to stay while you're relocating ask around for temporary caretakers. Friends, family or co-workers are a good option, but if no one can do it, ask your vet if they know of any place where you can board at a discount. If you still have no luck, I recommend finding a shelter that will cut a deal with you and your pet with a promise of no euthanization while you relocate to a new home. That way you can get your dream dog back once you've settled down. I know it's nothing anyone wants to think about, but this is the sad truth of our ruff start to the 2009 economy.

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