Pedigree Pooches Hit NYC To Strut Their Stuff!

03/15/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Wendy Diamond Social entrepreneur, humanitarian, endangered animal and rescue advocate

Once a year the pace of the city changes. There is an animal energy that's easy to sniff out and flows through the city streets the smell of hot dogs . Now I'm not talking about those pesky and sometimes terrifying city rats, or even the dumpster-diving coons, of course I'm talking about the one and only Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, a New York City staple (and the second longest running sporting event in the country, next to the Kentucky Derby), now in it's 133rd year. That's right people the Super Bowl is over and it's dog show season, so grab your fan flags for the breed you support and let's all get into the canine spirit!

To kick off the festivities of Lucky's favorite two-day dog event, (which starts today) we attended the Westminster Dog Show Pedigree Awards Dinner at the Museum of Natural History. Just a warning to pet owners out there: never bring your dog to a room filled with terrifying stuffed animals. When Lucky caught glimpse of some of those dinosaurs and bears, I swear she dug a basement into her dog bag. In attendance for the exciting pre-show awards was the iconic, raspy-voiced beauty, Bernadette Peters who came without her rescued mutt Kramer. Peters, along with one of my favorite funny ladies, Mary Tyler Moore, host "Broadway Barks" every year to benefit various, reputable animal charities. Check out for more information. And for all of you with sensitive ears, Broadway Barks isn't what you think it is, so you don't need ear plugs! Lucky and I also ran into the fabulous Archaelogist Iris Love who is the Grande dame of Dachsunds. We also heard word that there will be a new Brooklyn Animal Resource Center or BARC ( With Animal Haven closing in Queens at least we know one borough will have a home for all the homeless animals. We love all the work of local shelters, especially this local, non-profit, no-kill shelter. Lots of barks this week I guess!

This week Lucky and I also hopped on over to a very savvy cat event, the "Hello Kitty Commotion" party hosted by V Magazine and MAC Cosmetics. I have to say I love Hello Kitty -- she's always happy, always strong, and an icon in her own right. She sounds like Lucky! Truly considered bringing Pasha, but Pasha is not interested in saying Hello to any other Kitties. At the event I ran into the lovely Mr. James Gager, creative director of MAC sans his adorable poodle, both of whom I have been fond of for quite some time.

Lucky and I also saw designer Adam Lippe, who told me about his two Labradoodles, Bidu after a Brazilian cartoon character and Lola , because "gay guys name their dog Lola." We also ran into MTV's The City sweetie and Whitney Port's sometimes beau, Australian rocker Jay Lyon who told us about his Argentinean Mastiff named Gunner. I guess that's what an Australian names an Argentinean. R&B star Ciara hit us up with details about her favorite boxer, Tyson, not Mike Tyson, and not a Boxer, but her Maltipoo of the same name. She can't help but name her dogs after professional boxers. Little Miss MisShapes darling Leigh Lezark was taking a break from spinning to talk about her Mini Dachshund named Edie, an homage to the Factory and Andy Warhol. Edie was originally going to be called Lydia (after Winona Ryder's creepy Beetle Juice character), but perhaps Lezark was afraid she was going to end up saying "Beetle Juice" too many times and Edie would be gone.

Lucky and I also attended a dinner hosted by world renowned antique furniture dealer and author Todd Merrill and his wife Lauren to celebrate the one year rescue of their 8 year old Blossom from the ASPCA. The couple adopted their dog and it was given one year to live because she was 3 times overweight. I'm happy to report that their dog is now in great health and it looks like she's kind of cat-like when it comes to lives. At the dinner I sat next to, cavorted, laughed and chatted with Anthony Haden-Guest, popular author and columnist. I realized at the time that I shouldn't have brought Lucky, but Wanda, because Anthony is the brother-in-law of the original Wanda in A Fish Called Wanda, Jamie Lee Curtis. That also means that Anthony is brother to my all time favorite actor, comedian and all around genius Christopher Guest, the mastermind behind the brilliant film and my obvious personal favorite, Best in Show (how timely).

Thank dog for Piggy Banks! If Bernie Madoff had one it probably would be the biggest Pig. Checkout for more pet tips to keep you going no matter the economic climate.


Wendy Diamond with Anthony Haden-Guest, brother of her hero Christopher Guest from the film Best In Show