The Dos and Don'ts of Dogs and Drinks this St. Patrick's Day

05/16/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011


For a majority of festive partiers across the world, St. Patrick's Day is an annual holiday honoring one thing: St. Patrick, arguably the most famous patron saint of Ireland. The holiday more often than not comes with a celebratory side affect: drinking, and lots of it.

In Wendy Diamond's book, It's a Dog's World, you can learn how to plan Yappy Hours, Mutt Makeovers, Birthday Paw-ties, Bark Mizbahs and a number of other canine parties, all encouraging a way to party with your pets. But partying with your pets come with one warning - absolutely no drinking for your dogs.

So this St. Patrick's Day, parade your pet with pride, and while you may indulge in a glass or two (three, four, or five), do not share with your four-legged friend. Alcohol consumption in pets is a dangerous game, and dogs can suffer death from a single bout of alcohol ingestion. The scary part is that dogs are sometimes attracted to alcoholic beverages in all forms and sadly, they can die after a single taste. In fact, hundreds of dogs do get sick and die from alcohol ingestion each year.

If you indeed suspect your pet has slurped up some ale or an icy cocktail, look for the warning signs that include; vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing and lack of coordination. If your dog exhibits these signs after being in contact with alcohol, consult your vet immediately.

Certainly, if you want to share every pleasure this St. Patrick's Day with your dog, including the old fashion drinking of beer, there is a way to bypass sickness for celebration. My grandfather was a big O'Douls drinker, but pet product companies have already launched a number of pet-friendly, non-alcoholic beers.

Try these canine drinks on for size:

Bowser Beer Ale - a non-alcoholic beer high in protein, containing Glucosamine which essential for maintaining healthy joints

Happy Tail Ale -a non alcholic, non-carbonated beer with Vitamin E and Glucosamine to help promote healthy joints and a bright, shiny coat.

And remember, partying with your pets is an animal lovers dream, but never risk your dog's life for a thrill. Keep open alcoholic containers away from dogs (sometimes they can be attracted to the smell/taste) and be smart while you celebrate.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!