What You Can Learn From Your Cat

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

They enjoy the simple things: sleeping, eating, and meowing, so you will be surprised to discover that we can learn a lot from cats! I know from experience that cats are difficult to train, but learning from them can be a lot simpler. The new book Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Cat features 101 stories which ask us to look a little closer at our feline friends and see what these intelligent, independent creatures can teach us.

  1. Independence. It's a jungle out there and making it on your own is tough. Cats make it look almost too easy. A cat can practically raise itself! Remember, cats always get what they want, even if they have to get it themselves.
  2. Grooming is golden! Ever bump into someone that made you wish you'd put on make-up or combed your hair before you left home? No problem for cats. Yes, they obsess over cleaning themselves, but it takes work to look that good!
  3. Enjoy play time! After years of working herself to exhaustion by caring for her ill father, Monica saw her cat chasing that ball of yarn and realized what she needed: Fun! Sometimes a cat's childlike attitude reminds us of the little things we miss by forgetting to slow down.
  4. Sometimes, no matter how much it stinks, you must brown nose to succeed, but how far should you go?! Follow your cat, who's not above sucking-up to get some extra food! It's rare that someone takes pride in sucking-up. However, sometimes brown-nosing can truly get you that promotion you wanted. Ever notice how cats that suck-up usually get what they want? Interesting.
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  6. Listen to your intuition. We're all guilty of over analyzing and driving ourselves crazy. We could learn from our cats and follow our instincts. Joe's son was saved by his cat, Benny, who sensed something was wrong. After meowing endlessly, Joe took the hint, and Benny's intuition saved baby Anthony's life. Benny is now looked upon as a hero, like Batman, or maybe Catman?

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