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Your Country-By-Country Guide To Tonight's Eurovision Final (VIDEO)

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In just a few hours, more than 120 million viewers will tune into Eurovision, the continent-wide singing contest that has produced stars like ABBA, Celine Dione and Julio Iglesias. Before Europe's aspiring pop stars don their tightest pants and turn on the wind machines, here's your chance to get acquainted with all 25 finalists in the order that they'll be performing. You can also use this as a guide as you watch the finale via a live stream on from 3pm EST.

1. Azerbaijan: Safura with “Drip Drop”
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She’s the talk of Oslo and the bookies’ favorite to take home the Eurovision crown. And her team has led the most aggressive campaign in Eurovision history, rumored (though not confirmed) to have cost the nation $1 million in marketing and production expenses. After watching her professional (if aspirational) semi-final performance, it’s pretty clear the investment paid off. Singing “Drip Drop” she explores the common theme of a woman done wrong by her man. In the song, Safura smells lipstick on her philandering boyfriend and has to ask herself if she can live through the pain. When she realizes that she can’t, her tears go “drip drop, drip drop”—and provide the catchy chorus to a potential winner. At one point she asks her love interest where he’s been. Judging from the gratuitous male dancer doing pirouettes, he was probably just at dance class. The act combines top-rate choreography—courtesy of JaQuel Knight, Beyonce’s choreographer—and powerful vocals that only occasionally suggest shrieking. There’s also plenty of theatrics. Two-and-a-half minutes into the song, she begins strutting angrily down the runway. When she reaches the end and starts flailing her limbs, you’ll want to get the girl a Valium and sign her up to No man is worth this drama.
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