Please, Bobby! End the Iowa/New Hampshire Hostage Crisis!

12/24/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Will Bower Elections, Monarchy, and the Superhero

It has already begun. Bobby Jindal has begun the process of pandering to the upcoming, 2012 cycle of the "Iowa/New Hampshire Hostage Crisis."

This insanity must stop, and sooner than later.

Please contact your 2012 hopeful(s) of choice and tell them that the more they pander to Iowa and New Hampshire -- and the more they enable this arbitrary insanity of having those two states first on the primary calendar -- then the less likely we will support them in their presidential aspirations.

If you must, recommend that they instead cater to Missouri and North Carolina this time around -- to allow new voices to be brought into the vetting process.

Although I intend to remain an "Independent Democrat," we have an opportunity before us to work with the Republicans as they begin tackling the 2012 election. Firstly, we will be free to join the Republicans as they seek a candidate to lead them into a new era of party reform. Secondly, we can encourage them to pick up the mantle that the Democrats have abandoned -- that mantle being our need for election reform, primary reform, caucus abolition, media reform, and campaign finance reform. The Republicans -- with our encouragement and support -- can be the ones to stand up to the mafioso scenario in which we find ourselves under the thumbs of Kingpin Iowa and Don New Hampshire.

So -- whether you're a Republican, Independent, or Democrat -- whether you are supporting Bobby Jindal, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, or even Barack Obama -- please step up for the rights and voices of the other 48 states in our union. It is time to evolve.