11/11/2010 11:02 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Honor Our Nation's Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, I write to share the words of Carlos A. Velazquez Lopez, a former United States Marine Corps member, and a new leader of the United States' emerging green economy.

Carlos writes:

Every year, we set aside this day to honor service members and the sacrifices they have made. I would like to ask that this year, we do more to help veterans with the tough transitions they often face upon their return. Because of the ongoing economic crisis, many struggle to find work.

I know the feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment that comes with getting that first job after military service. My first opportunity came in 2006 after eight years of honorable service with the United States Marine Corps.

To create clean energy job opportunities for American veterans, Veterans Green Jobs, a national organization, partnered with WeatherizeDC to deliver free-of-charge home weatherization services to Virginia National Guard families.

The Military Housing Energy Efficiency Project provided nine veterans on-the-job training positions. One of these veterans has already been hired into full-time weatherization work.

This project proves that our nation's veterans, equipped with the right skills, tools, and resources, can lead America's transition to energy independence and continued economic prosperity.

As we remember and honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans, let's commit to the notion that the best days of veterans, and America, are ahead of us. As veterans, we want to continue to serve.

I encourage you to consider weatherizing your home. For more information, contact WeatherizeDC at or 202.495.1328.

Thank you,
Carlos A. Velazquez Lopez
Former United States Marine Corps
Alumnus Veterans Green Jobs