07/17/2014 01:50 pm ET Updated Sep 16, 2014

7 Amazing Sites You've Maybe Never Heard Before

Serving as the Event Director for over a decade of the annual world travel championship, the around the world travel adventure competition known as The Global Scavenger Hunt, I am regularly asked what my favorite spot in the world is?

I get the curiosity behind the question, but I loathe it nonetheless; how do you pick one out of so many?

I believe that we live in the Golden Age of Travel. Never has it been safer, cheaper or easier (I am not talking flying domestic!) You can literally be anywhere in the world your heart desires in 24-hours. Anywhere! Today, so-called off-the-beaten path mythical destinations inevitably turn into hot spots. But there are still some not so hidden gems awaiting the curious traveler.

Here is the latest edition of my collection of Seven Amazing Sites You've Maybe Never Heard Of...that you should consider seeing soon:

Seven Amazing Sites You've Maybe Never Heard Before

Have a great summer.

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