Wind-Powered Countries - Spain Sets World Record for Green Power Generation (VIDEO)

03/13/2009 03:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

One of Europe's leading clean energy entrepreneurs has made a bet on Alberta's wind potential with a significant investment in an area that has been dubbed Canada's wind mecca. [1] Mainstream Renewable Power, a company founded by Irishman Eddie O'Connor, agreed late Wednesday to an 80-per-cent stake in a joint venture with privately owned Alberta Wind Energy Corp. on an $850-million wind development project near Pincher Creek, Alta. [1] The gusty location in the province's southwest corner is home to more than 200 wind turbines, the highest concentration of wind energy production in the country. [1] Last year, O'Connor signed a $1-billion joint venture deal with Santiago-based Andes Energy to develop 400-megawatts of wind power in Chile. [1] One domestic wind developer, EarthFirst Canada Inc., has been forced into bankruptcy protection, while many others are struggling, analysts said. [1] " And there's no doubt the challenge is a little tougher for Canada today with the arrival of the Obama administration, which has clearly identified wind energy as a key element of their stimulus package. [1] Spain is the third largest producer of Wind Power in the world, behind the US and Germany, with 16,740 megawatts wind capacity installed at the end of 2008. [2]

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