IBM Unveils "Smart Water" Technology and Services

03/17/2009 02:43 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

IBM, which has been promoting the virtues of its smart grid and smart traffic technologies, today announced it's jumping into "smart water," too. The technology applies some of the same concepts used to help develop semiconductor chips but researchers were able to apply the methods to water filtration.

The services IBM announced include tools to help manage water levels and quality, provide flood control and levee oversight, create smarter water-metering and a service to help water utilities better respond to emergencies and improve their operating efficiency. Big Blue also unveiled Green Sigma for Water, a business consulting service based on Six Sigma metholodies helps create process improvements reduce water used. The company also showed off its SmartBay sensor system, which monitors wave conditions, marine life and pollution levels in and around Galway Bay, Ireland. The system, developed by IBM and the Marine Institute of Irelan can provide real-time information about conditions. 2

The scheme is based on the same chemistry and nanotechnology that IBM has used for more than two decades to produce PC bound semiconductor chips. The result is a what the company calls a scientific breakthrough in creating a "water superhighway" for the removal of salt and other harmful substances. 1

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