Boat Made of 16,000 Plastic Bottles to Sail from Cali to Australia

04/23/2009 05:12 am 05:12:01 | Updated May 25, 2011

The boat is made up of about 16,000 plastic bottles and is an "effort to raise awareness of the recycling of plastic bottles, which he says are a symbol of global waste" says David de Rothschild. Skin-like panels made from recycled PET, a woven plastic fabric, will cover the hulls and a watertight cabin, which sleeps four. Only about 10 percent of the Plastiki will be made from new materials xx-xBB- See also: G20 Meeting in London to Face Huge Protests, Climate Camp xx-xBB- Get Planetsave by RSS or sign up by email. Two wind turbines and an array of solar panels will charge a bank of 12-volt batteries, which will power several onboard laptop computers, a GPS and SAT phone. The idea is to put no kind of pollution back into the atmosphere, or into our oceans for that matter, so everything on the boat will be composted. Maybe never recycled? The plastic sailboat is taking shape in an old pier building not far from this city's famous Fisherman's Wharf. 1

de Rothschild of Adventure Ecology is undertaking an 11,000 mile journey from California to Australia on a boat almost entirely made out of recycled plastic. 2

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