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Shanghai gets free market zone

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HONG KONG China has launched a free market zone in Shanghai where controls on imported pics will be relaxed and where local film makers will be encouraged to go global and export worldwide. The zone, which was unveiled at the Hong Kong Filmart conference, is dedicated in pioneering the exploration of international cultural service and trade in Shanghai, the operators said in a statement. Its unclear whether the establishment of the zone has implications for that policy, introduced after the China joined the World Trade Organization in 2002. Strong censorship remains in place and the free trade zone is more likely to focus on boosting domestic product than allowing a flood of Hollywood pics into China. 2

Since China's accession to the World Trade Organization in 2002, Beijing has capped at 20 the number of films allowed to be imported to China and screened theatrically on a revenue-sharing basis. On the flip side, China's carefully monitored industry has produced only a handful of films over the years that have succeeded overseas on a big scale. " Salon is facilitating the policymaking with proposals such as a free market for imported motion pictures from the U.S. within the zone as well as an increase of exported Chinese films to the U.S.. 1
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