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Twitter Tormented by Nettlesome Worm

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Micro-blogging service Twitter was targeted by a wave of attacks by a computer worm over Easter weekend, a co-founder of the Web messaging company said. "On a weekend normally reserved for bunnies, a worm took center stage," Biz Stone said in a post on the official blog of the San Francisco-based startup. Stone said the self-replicating computer worm, which resulted in users of the service receiving and sending unwanted messages, had not caused any damage. "Please note that no passwords, phone numbers, or other sensitive information was compromised as part of these attacks," he said. Stone said Twitter had come under attack on four occasions from the worm, which the online technology news agency CNET said was created by a 17-year-old New York hacker. Everything from how it happened, how we reacted, and preventative measures will be covered, " Stone said. 1

A nettlesome computer program that tormented Twitter over the weekend is another reminder of the challenges facing the rapidly growing online communications service. The mischievous program, known as a "worm," targeted Twitter's network with four different attacks starting early Saturday and ending early Monday, according to Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. 2
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