05/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tanzanian Hotel Inspired by Rock Formations

Its architecture is inspired by rock formations and is meant to evoke all aspects of geology, from mounding to erosion, stratification and fossilization. The Tanzania House of Peace hotel is comprised of two mound-inspired buildings with living green walls and window-mounted gardens that mimic moss and other foliage tucked in the crevices of a mountainside. 2

The hotel is comprised of two buildings and its overall design was inspired by geological processes that shape rock formations in nature. The architects were inspired by nature's way of creating hills or mounds, and how these hills are eventually inhabited by living things. Dubbed the "House of Peace", the project is composed of a textured concrete that appears as if it were sculpted by the elements. The concept, grounded in geological science, manifests itself into two "mounds" or buildings with flowing gardens that grow out from the windows of the building. During this time, seeds are deposited into nooks and crannies in the hills which allows green to grow all over the hills. Inspired by the power of the elements to sculpt the hills in the natural world, WOW architects have designed these buildings to mimic the random grooves and angles found in nature. 1
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