Nobody Is Making Money Online From Susan Boyle Video (Yet)

05/24/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Susan Boyle may have a voice that launched more than 100 million views, but bickering over ad formats has kept YouTube, ITV and Simon Cowell from cashing in on the phenomenon. The Times Online reports that UK TV network ITV is insisting that no adverts accompany the clip while it negotiates a deal with YouTube. ITV wants to show pre-roll ads in front of the clip, but YouTube prefers text and overlay ads. The video-sharing site indicated last year that it would be softening its hard-line stance against the format, and even included pre-rolls in front of CBS content last fall 1

It is also noteworthy that the most popular version of the video (with about 41 million views so far) was uploaded by a fan, BritainsSoTalented, and ITV doesn't even seem to have its own YouTube channel. Using those numbers, ITV probably lost about $1 million, which is still quite a lot of money, especially considering that this is just pure, additional profit for the network. But then, few people have ever been able to turn a YouTube hit into direct income - mostly, the rewards come later, in the form of recording contracts or endorsement deals 2

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