08/20/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

2009 Primary Contests - Subject To Change

On Thursday, July 16, Party designating petitions were filed at the New York City Board of Elections.


The following is a report listing the upcoming contested Primaries, based on the petitions filed. The list will be modified as candidates withdraw and/or removed from the ballot. There also may have been some errors made in compiling the list.


I am including some commentary where I know something about the races. I apologize to all candidates who I might be shortchanging in my description or lack of a description of them. I encourage anybody who knows more about these candidates to add something via the comments.


In cases where districts cross Borough lines, I'm listing the race in the borough where I see them listed first.






The known candidates for the 3 Citywide positions - Comptroller Bill Thompson & Councilman Tony Avella for Mayor; Councilmembers Bill de Blasio, Eric Gioia, former Advocate Mark Green & former candidate Norman Siegel for Public Advocate; Councilmembers John Liu, Melinda Katz, Mark Weprin & David Yassky all filed petitions.


But they weren't the only ones.


Former nuisance candidates Jose Adames, Roland Rogers & Jimmy McMillan filed for Mayor, Imitaz Syed filed for Public Advocate and Salim Ejaz filed for Comptroller.


Though I haven't looked at any petitions, I can say with confidence based on many years of observing petitions filed by fringe candidates for citywide office, that none of them submitted the required 7,500 signatures of registered Democrats.


That does not mean that they will be removed from the ballot. In the past, the major Democratic candidates have refused to challenge petitions by such candidates because of their belief in the myth that doing so will disqualify them from getting the endorsement of the New York Times and Citizens Union.




Somebody filed petitions to oppose Mayor Bloomberg is the Republican Primary! It is Walter Iwachiw, who tried to run as the Green Party candidate in the past.


Unlike my comments about the fringe Democratic candidates, I have no doubt that  Iwachiw will be removed from the ballot as the Bloomberg campaign knows from their past campaigns that challenging such candidates does not disqualify them from getting the endorsement of the New York Times and Citizens Union.






District Attorney


All 3 candidates - former Judge Leslie Crocker Snyder & former Assistant DAs Richard Aborn & Cyrus Vance, Jr. submitted petitions.


City Council


1st CCD


4 candidates filed against Councilman Alan Gerson. They are former Council candidates Margaret Chin & Peter Gleason, community board member P.J. Kim (though he is listed as Jin H. Kim) and Arthur Gregory.


2nd CCD


Incumbent Rosie Mendez is opposed by former Assembly candidate Juan Pagan


3rd CCD


Council Speaker Christine Quinn has 2 opponents - former Community Board Chair Maria Passanante-Derr & Lesbian attorney Yetta Kurland.


7th CCD


5 candidates filed against Councilman Robert Jackson. They are former Council candidate Victor Armando Bernace, Juan Erazo, Felix Jerez, Manuel Lantigua and Fred Masson.


8th CCD


6 candidates filed against Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito in this district that is partially in the Bronx. They are former candidates Edward Gibbs & Francisco Spies, former community board Chair Robert Rodriguez and Gwen Goodwin, Thomas Santiago & Calvin Solomon.


9th CCD


Councilwoman Inez Dickens has 2 opponents - Carlton Berkley & Landon Dais.


10th CCD


The race to succeed recently convicted former Councilman Miguel Martinez has 8 candidates at the moment. They are former Councilmember Guillermo Linares, former Council candidates Ydanis Rodriguez (supported by Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat( & Francesca Castellanos, Community Board Chair Manny Velazquez and Luis Facundo, Richard Realmuto, Cleofis Sarete & Ruben Dario Vargas.




2 candidates filed for Civil Court in the 3rd Judicial District. Each is a lawyer in private practice who has been active in local politics. Lynn Kottler is the former President of the Chelsea Reform Democratic Club and Anna Lewis is a former Democratic District Leader.


District Leader


64th AD, Part B


Female District Leader Alice Cancel is being challenged by former Leader Norma Ramirez, while Male Leader John Quinn faces David Diaz.


64th AD, Part C


Paul Newell, who unsuccessfully ran against Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver last year is running for District Leader against Avram Solomon Turkel (who is backed by Councilman Alan Gerson)


66th AD, Part B


Incumbent Leader Jean Grillo is opposed by Noel Jefferson (who is also supported by Councilman Alan Gerson).


67th AD, Part B


District Leader Earl Scott faces a challenge from Derek Meilman.


68th AD, Part A


Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV is also the Male District Leader. He has 2 opponents - former candidates Edward Gibbs & Johnny Rivera.


Female Leader Diane Green is opposed by former Leader Evette Zayas and Estelle Brown & Theresa Richardson.


68th AD, Part B


Female Leader Candy Vives-Vasquez is opposed by Alice Brown & Peggy Morales.


Male Leader Harry Rodriguez has 2 former candidates opposing him - Manuel Onativia & Edward Gibbs. This Edward Gibbs has a different address on his petition than the one running in Part A, so I assume they are different people.


69th AD, Part A


Leader Cynthia Doty is opposed by former Leader Carmen Quinones.


70th AD, Part D


Leader Martin Smith is being challenged by Ramon Sandoval.


71st AD, Part A


Female Leader Maria Luna is opposed by Elizabeth Mejias while Male Leader Mark Levine is opposed by Julio Negron.


72nd AD, Part A


Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat is also the Male District Leader. He is being challenged by Nicholas Nunez.


72nd AD, Part B


3 candidates are running to replace former Councilman Miguel Martinez as Leader - Council candidate Ydanis Rodriguez, Rafael Escano & Eligio Fernandez.


74th AD, Part A


Councilwoman Rosie Mendez is also Leader and is opposed by former Assembly candidate Mildred Martinez and Male Leader Anthony Feliciano is opposed by former Leader Roberto Caballero.




City Council


4th CCD


2 Republicans filed for the right to oppose Councilman Dan Garodnick in November. They are Ashok Chandra & Neil Alessio


State Committee


70th AD


There are 2 candidates for the Male slot - Brandon Brice & Will Brown, Jr. and 2 for the Female position - Denice Johns & Lucille Middleton.






Borough President


2 opponents filed to run against newly elected Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.. They are perennial candidate Curtis Brooks and Priscilla Nibbs-Bracy.


City Council


11th CCD


Councilman Oliver Koppell is opposed by former Community Board Chair Tony Cassino.


12th CCD


Councilman Larry Seabrook has 7 opponents. They are Johnnie Goff, Andrew King, Herbert Moreira-Brown, Algernon Quattlebaum, Jerome Rice, Krystal Zamilla Serrano and Sebastian Ulanga.


13th CCD


Councilman James Vacca is opposed by former Assembly candidate Irene Estrada Rukaj.


14th CCD


In what looks like the most hotly contested contest in the Bronx, Councilwoman Maria Baez has 4 opponents. They are Fernando Cabrera, a minister supported by the new County Leader Carl Heastie, Democratic State Committeewoman Yudelka Tapia, Kevin Ennis & Miguel Santana.


15th CCD


Councilman Joel Rivera has 2 opponents - Jose Padilla, Jr. & Oscar Zorrilla.


16th CCD


Councilwoman Helen Foster has 3 challengers - Mark Escoffery-Bey, Daryl Johnston & Carlos Sierra.


17th CCD


Councilwoman Maria Del Carmen Arroyo is opposed by former Assemblyman Israel Martinez and Robert Rosado.


18th CCD


Councilwoman Annabel Palma is opposed by Mayra Bon.





Borough President


Anti-Ratner candidate Eugene Myrick filed to oppose incumbent Marty Markowitz.




33rd CCD


I don't think I have to write much to readers of political blogs about the contest to replace David Yassky. The candidates who filed petitions are Isaac Abraham, Ken Baer, Doug Biviano, Ken Diamondstone, Steve Levin, Joanne Simon & Evan Thies.


34th CCD 


Councilwoman Diana Reyna is opposed by District Leader Maritza Davila, Community Board District Manager Gerald Esposito & perennial candidate Gladys Santiago.


35th CCD


Councilwoman Letitia James faces 2 opponents - Delia Hunley-Adossa & Medhanie Estiphanos.


36th CCD


7 candidates filed to challenge Councilman Al Vann. They are Mark Winston Griffith, William Carrington, Robert Cornegy, David Grinage, Saquan Jones, Adrian Straker & Tremaine Wright.


37th CCD


Councilman Erik Dilan is opposed by former Assembly staffer Darma Diaz.


38th CCD


Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez faces a challenge from Robinson Iglesias, whose website says he has been endorsed by Mets' catcher Omir Santos.


39th  CCD


As in the 33rd. I don't think I have to write much to readers of political blogs about the contest to replace Bill de Blasio. The candidates who filed petitions are John Heyer, Brad Lander, Gary Reilly, Josh Skaller & Bob Zuckerman.


40th CCD


I don't have to tell any readers of Room 8 that our own Rock Hackshaw is opposing Councilman Mathieu Eugene. Also running is former Council candidate Rickie Tulloch.


41st CCD


Councilwoman Darlene Mealy faces challenges from former Councilwoman Tracy Boyland, former candidate Anthony Herbert and Tulani Kinard( supported by Rev. Al Sharpton & Councilman Charles Barron).


42nd CCD


5 candidates filed to run against Councilman Charles Barron. They are former Assembly candidates Winchester Key & Donnezzetta Brown, Carlos Bristol, Prince Lewis and Regina Powell.


45th CCD.


7 candidates filed to run against Councilman Kendall Stewart. 3 are former candidates - Ernest Emmanuel, Earlene King & Sam Taitt. Also filing are Rodrick Daley, Dexter McKenzie, Godwin Williams & Jumaane Williams.


46th CCD


Councilman Lew Fidler has 3 opponents - Ayo Johnson, Alan Sasson & Elias Weir.


48th CCD


Councilman Mike Nelson is opposed by retired businessman Simon Belsky.






39th CCD


Two candidates files for the Republican nomination - Joe Nardiello & George Smith.


State Committee


45th AD


Joan Braunstein is opposing Deborah Smoak-Boykin.


54th AD


Angelina Hernandez is opposing Ada Nunez.


56th AD


Gamsey Alston is opposing Henry Snead.




Borough President


Incumbent Helen Marshall has 2 opponents - attorney Marc Leavitt & former State Senate candidate Robert Schwartz.



19th CCD


6 candidates are running to succeed Councilman Tony Avella. They are Steven Behar, who is supported by Avella, former candidate Jerry Iannece (endorsed by Queens County Democratic Organization), Paul Vallone (son of former Council Speaker), two other former candidates Debra Markell & Thomas Cooke and congressional aide Kevin Kim.


20th CCD


6 candidates are running to succeed Councilman John Liu. They are Liu aide John Choe, who is supported by Queens County Democratic Organization, District Leader James Wu, businessman S.J. Jung, educator Yen Chou, immigration activist Constantine Kavadas & former candidate Isaac Sasson.


21st CCD


In a partial rematch of this year's Special Election, Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras is opposed by one of the candidates she defeated - businessman Eduardo Giraldo.


23rd CCD


Assemblyman Mark Weprin has 2 opponents in the contest to succeed his brother, Councilman David Weprin. Both are Community Board members - Bob Friedrich & Swaranjit Singh.


25th CCD

Councilwoman Helen Sears is opposed by District Leader Daniel Dromm & businessman Stanley Kalathara.


26th CCD


5 candidates filed to replace Councilman Eric Gioia. They are District Leader Deidre Feerick, State Committeeman Jamie Van Bramer, attorney Brent O'Leary, businessman David Rosasco & college student Kwame Smalls.


27th CCD


Councilman Leroy Comrie is opposed by Adrienne Hayes & Clyde Vanel.


28th CCD


Councilman Tom White has 6 opponents - former Councilman Allan Jennings, former candidates Lynn Nunes & Ruben Wills, Robert Hogan, Stephen Jones & Mireille Leroy.


29th CCD


6 candidates filed to replace Councilwoman Melinda Katz. They are former Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz, former Assemblyman Michael Cohen, former Council candidate Lynn Schulman, attorney Heidi Harrison Chain & former Congressional aide Mel Gagarin.


31st CCD


Councilman James Sanders has 5 challengers - retired Detective Marquez Claxton, attorney Jacques Leandre, former staffer Frederick Lewis, youth organizer Michael Duncan and Lou Grays.




38th AD


The forced resignation of Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio created a contest here. 4 Democrats filed. They are former Senate candidate Albert Baldeo, former legislative aide Farouk Samaroo and Community Board members Michael Miller & Nick Comaianni.




There are quite a few potential Republican contests. I assume most, if not all, are because of the continuing efforts by John & Bart Haggerty to replace the leadership of the County Republican Organization.


City Council


29th CCD


Jay Golub vs. Bartholomew Bruno.


State Committee


25th AD


Howard Duffy vs. Stephen Graves


28th AD


Jay Golub vs. Bart Haggerty.


30th AD


Rosemarie Iacovone vs. Joanne Mugno & Frank Messano vs. Anthony Nunziato


35th AD


Rocco Argenzio vs. Kevin Li & Myrna Littlewort vs. Ruby Muhammad


Staten Island




City Council




The only contest on Staten Island will be a another partial rematch of a Special Election, with Councilman Ken Mitchell being opposed by the candidate he narrowly defeated - Debora Rose & by a candidate who tried to run in the Special but who didn't make the ballot - Rajiv Gowda.





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