Worker dies at Apple's Chinese supplier

08/21/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

 Apple Inc's major supplier, Shenzhen-based Foxconn Technology Group is in trouble l as rumors are saying it should be blamed for the death of its worker Sun Danyong.

Sun 25, a graduate of one of the top Chinese universities - Harbin Institute of Technology, killed himself by jumping from the 12th floor on the early morning of July 16.
A guy who identified himself as Sun's classmate soon posted on the Internet, saying Sun's company, Foxconn, is responsible for the death because of the" inappropriate means" it used during an investigation of a lost iPhone, reported the local paper Nd Daily.
The police found Sun had sent a lot of messages to his friends through his cellphones recently, saying he didn't understand why he was suspected, investigated and his home was searched by Foxconn.
According to the post, Sun sent 16 samples of the fourth generation of iPhone N90 to Apple, but only 15 arrived. Under the huge pressure from Apple, Foxconn started an investigation. "They beat him, illegally searched his home and even detained him," writes the post at one of the country's leading forums Tianya. The original post has been removed.
Foxconn said the guy who was in charge of the investigation, named Gu, was sent to the police.
Taiwan media reported that Apple and Sony, the two major clients of Foxconn, have moved part of the new laptop orders to its competitor Quanta Computer Inc.



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