09/19/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Golisano and Espada: Together Forever (Again)

The Albany Times-Union today tells us that Tom Golisano's guys--that'd be Pedro Espada and Steve Pigeon--have gone on another hiring spree. The paper writes:

As Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. fended off scrutiny over his son's short-lived Senate job, the chamber's Democrat leaders authorized $350,000 in pay raises and new hires for their new majority leader.

The new hires include employees of Soundview Health Care Network, the Bronx nonprofit Espada founded and runs, as well as the son of a former Soundview executive who pleaded guilty to funneling state dollars to Espada's campaign.

Also today, The New York Post editorial board writes on our post yesterday regarding Tom Golisano's infantile infomercial threatening Shelly Silver:

But Golisano's credibility here is, shall we say, lacking.

The veteran of three failed campaigns for governor, he most recently instigated the Senate coup that had both parties bidding for the services of serial sleaze and now-Majority Leader Pedro Espada.

Now he proposes to do the same in the Assembly?

Thanks, but we'll stick with Shelly.

And the Senate chaos was only Golisano's latest trick: Last year -- in a blatant attempt to stay relevant -- he threw his money behind Democrats in their quest to re-take the Senate.

Afterward, shockedthat the Dems he put in office would raise his taxes, he changed his legal residence to Florida.

Might we suggest that he stay there? He's done enough to New York already.

Again--and just like Spitzer and Ashlee Dupree--Golisano and Espada will always inhabit the other's profile. 

This clown Golisano is finished but genuinely doesn't know that yet.

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