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03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Indian Union Minister,Dr. Farooq urges journalists to play a role in peace process


 Srinagar(J&K), October13 (Vijay Kumar) – Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah urged the journalist fraternity to play their positive role in the endeavours of the government aimed at peace and development of Jammu and Kashmir. He said sometimes exaggeration of events create problems and make the situations complex. “You should report the facts truly and cautiously”, he advised the journalists.

            Speaking on the occasion of a 3-day All India Editors’ Conference organized by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) in association with the State Department of Information and Public Relations at SKICC Dr. Farooq underscored the need for upgrading the radio and television transmitters especially in rural and border areas so that the people could watch and listen the programmes telecast and broadcast by Doordarshan and All India Radio. He also asked for reviewing the functioning of ‘Kasheer Channel’ and called for making it more useful and meaningful medium of entertainment and positive change.

        Dr. Abdullah said that his Ministry was keen to help Jammu and Kashmir in harnessing solar, wind and hydel energy so that a new chapter of new and renewable energy is written in the State. He asked the State government to push forward the projects in this sector and take the best advantage of the schemes extended to Jammu and Kashmir by this Ministry.

  Inaugurating a 3-day All India Editors’ Conference,the Chief Minister of J&K Omar Abdulla said that his government was silently working to facilitate the internal and external dialogue process which got hampered by 11/26 Mumbai incident. He said that Pakistan should recognize the Indian concerns and act in positive direction so that composite dialogue takes off without further delay.  Omar that said the people in Jammu and Kashmir are politically astute and want the dialogue process move forward so that permanent peace is restored.

   “While we are highly thankful to the Central leadership for the unprecedented and liberal financial support to reconstruct our social and economic infrastructure, the political issues equally require focusing both internally and externally”,  Omar said and added that all voices should be heard, all opinions taken into account and every concern noted down to take the right and best decision for finding out solution to the problems relating to Jammu and Kashmir.

            The Chief Minister said that the forward movement of dialogue process both internally and externally is need of the hour and discussing the political issues across the table involving all sections of the political opinions is very much required for the peace and overall development of the State.

             Omar said that the Assembly Election 2008 were a watershed in the political scenario of Jammu and Kashmir. “The election reflected the significant change in the people’s thinking”, he said adding that no analyst or political pandit had expected such a huge turnout in the Assembly Elections. “The people came out in large numbers to vote, not for a particular political group or party, but to exhibit their resolve for development, peace and democracy”, he asserted.


            Referring to the disturbance and militancy, State witnessed since 1989-90, the Chief Minister said that nobody believed at that time that this will be such a long phase of 20 years. “Though significant improvement has been achieved in restoring the peace and law and order, yet we are occasionally battling attempts of infiltration and threats”, he said and asked the journalist fraternity to report such incidents in the right perspective without creating any hype as it badly tells upon our tourism and gives opportunity to unscrupulous tour operators to divert the tourists from Jammu and Kashmir. “I do not want you to hide the facts but expect from you to report truly without any exaggeration”, he said and added that after every bad incident, five good events happen in the State. “I want you to report these also prominently earmarking some inches in news print and some airtime on telecast”.

            The Chief Minister said that the improvement in security scenario is continuous and year after year we are marching towards the total peace. “The violence incidents in the year 2008 upto September end were 708 while as only 395 such incidents took place in 2009 upto September end”, he said and added that the graph of improvement level is going up. He said good news about Jammu and Kashmir should not be a seldom news and media has to play its role to showcase the real picture of Jammu and Kashmir outside the State and clear the doubts in the minds of visitors about travelling Jammu and Kashmir.

             Omar said that Jammu and Kashmir is the birth place of tourism and Kashmir has been the ‘Heaven On Earth’ many many years before the Kerala was named as ‘God’s Own Land’. He asked the journalists to write about the natural beauty of this beautiful land and showcase it for the national and international tourism.


                                     Welcoming the distinguished gathering, the Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Ms Abmika Soni complemented the Chief Minister,  Omar Abdullah for his dynamic and young leadership adding that the impact of development and progress is visible on the ground here.  Ms. Ambika Soni announced the branch of Indian Institute of Mass Communication for the State and asked the Chief Minister to earmark some acres of land for the same. She said this would open new vistas of jobs for the youth of the Jammu and Kashmir.

   The IB Minister gave resume of the activities of her ministry with special reference to Jammu and Kashmir. She said new high and low power transmitters are being installed in the State in border and hilly areas to expand the orbit of coverage by the AIR and Doordarshan. She said Rs. 100 crore has been earmarked for the purpose in the current year. She said possibilities are being explored to open up private FM channels to broadband the broadcasting in the State covering uncovered and far-off areas.

            Ms. Ambika Soni said that the Information Ministry during the current year has provided DAVP adds worth Rs. 2.30 crore to the newspapers in Jammu and Kashmir. “IB Ministry is keen to help regional, small and medium newspapers throughout the country including Jammu and Kashmir”, she said and added that advertisement policy will be more rationalized.

            The IB Minister also said that the functioning of DD Kasheer as an entertainment and culture and heritage promotion channel will be reviewed and the channel improved and upgraded to meet the expectations of the people.

            Ms. Ambika Soni lauded the bravery of Ms. Ruksana and asked the journalists to report such brave acts prominently to help develop brave young men and women across the country.













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