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Around the World in 18 Days

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Worldfocus producer Megan Thompson is traveling the globe to report on the effects of climate change on small island nations.

Megan will take 16 flights and log 35,000 miles on the trip, which is a collaboration between United Nations Environment Program and the Alliance of Small Island States.  She will be posting blogs and photos along the way.

Worldfocus, the Arabic language station Al Arabiya, the Chinese news service Xinhua, and an Italian newspaper all have representatives on the trip. They will go to five countries - Antigua, Grenada, Maldives, Seychelles and Tonga - to see for themselves what’s going on and what these countries are doing about climate change.

As environmental leaders around the world gear up for the Copenhagen talks in December, AOSIS says their member nations - some only a few meters above sea level - will be the first to go if sea levels rise as high as they are predicted to. Many are already seeing the effects of erosion, erratic tides, unpredictable weather, soil contamination and other phenomena, which they say are caused by global warming. If the sea continues to rise, many of these islands may become completely uninhabitable.

View Megan’s itinerary on a larger map
Producer Megan Thompson is traveling the globe for Worldfocus to report on the effects on climate change on small island nations. See a map of her itinerary here.

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