03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The New York City Mayoral Election: A National Disgrace

As we hit the two week mark for the New York City Mayoral election, all people who believe in democracy should be very depressed.  We are witnessing one man buying himself a third term, a term which the people of this City had twice voted against.

It is beyond discouraging to watch this out of touch billionaire buying the media, the pollsters, and the good people of this City just so he can continue strengthening the Bloomberg name which is eponymous with his LLC.

Just to rehash the obvious:

First, we saw Mike go to his colleagues, the owners of the Times, Post and News and get their approval for a third term.  After receiving the media moguls' nods, he went to Ron Lauder, the Father of Term Limits.  After promising Ron a seat on the next Charter Revision Commission, Ron too gave his okay. The best we can say about Lauder is at least it wasn't for the money.

These approvals have worked wonders for Bloomberg.  Those who were watching the blogs today, saw the NY Times edit down a flattering headline for Bill Thompson.  After all, they can't go overboard when they had early on promised Bloomberg their endorsement. The Post ran a gratuitous op ed about Thompson's failed second marriage.  And then there is the constant barrage by the Daily News.

Has anyone noticed how few polls there have been published?  Polls generate excitement, and were Thompson's numbers going up, it could spell trouble for Bloomberg.  Undoubtedly, the New York Times, Quinnipiac, NBC, and the rest would not want to undermine their brother.  Perhaps, he's even paying them to conduct private polls which he does not have to publish.  The potential bounce gets quashed.

We cannot possibly forget how Mike got the Republican and Independence lines.  Right, it was his money.  Clarence Norman went to jail for $5,000 while Bloomberg has purchased his lines for well over $500,000.  It's all in the nuance.

There were also those Democrat talking heads, Hank Scheinkopf, Howard Wolfson, and Andrea Schlessigner.  There, too, the common denominator is money.  Yes, Hank, Howard, and Andrea, we know that it was Bloomberg's tremendous talents that brought you on board.  After all he was able to build two baseball stadiums squandering billions in tax payer dollars.  Here is a Mayor who has shown real Democrat principles.

I was deepy concerned five years ago when Bloomberg and Kelly arrested law abiding citizens who only wanted to protest the Republican National Convention's coming to town.  It was a disgrace.  That, however, pales in comparison to the fact that Bloomberg has single handedly arrested democracy in New York City.  We will recover, but we will forever be considered a national disgrace.  Bloomberg clearly learned a lot from Iran.




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