GreenBeat 2009: Executive Climate Change Survey

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

GreenBeat 2009: Executive Climate Change Survey

Sharon Allan, head of the North American Smart Grid Practice at Accenture, runs the numbers on why utilities need to revamp the country's aging electrical grid, and how they should go about it. For the past two years, Accenture has conducted global research to understand the business opportunities and challenges related to climate change.

Based on interviews in 133 utility, energy and chemicals/natural resources resources companies in 29 countries, the research provides deep insights into the thoughts and plans of company executives on climate change, its anticipated impact on their businesses and the actions that are planned to address the opportunities and challenges associated with climate change.

Energy used to be a one-way street. Today, it's becoming a bi-directional superhighway with utility customers finally taking charge of their power use and how much they pay for it. Instead of drilling into short-term IT issues and arcane arm-chair politicking involved in this shift, GreenBeat 2009 maps out the hottest business and technology opportunities the Smart Grid has to offer.
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