09/17/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

2010 Local Primaries - First Report

On Thursday, July 15, Party designating petitions were filed at the New York City Board of Elections.


This is the list of possible upcoming contested Primaries, based on the petitions filed. A large number of these candidates will be removed from the ballot and others may withdraw and be replaced. There also may have been some errors made in compiling the list. I am including some commentary about some of the races. As usual, most contests are on the Democratic side. In cases where districts cross Borough lines, I'm listing the race in the borough where I see them listed first.

I will attempt to describe candidates when I know something about them. If I don't write anything other than a candidate's name, it just means I'm uninformed about them; it's not a reflection on them.






In a race that has been extensively covered by the media & on Room 8, 14th CD Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney is being challenged by former Clinton fundraiser Reshma Saujani.


15th CD Congressman Charles Rangel has 5 opponents at this time - Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV, former District Leader Joyce Johnson, former Congressional aide Vincent Morgan, former Senate candidate Jonathan Tasini & former Assembly candidate Ruben Vargas.


State Senate


Senator Jose Serrano in the 28th SD has 2 challengers - former Council candidate Mark Escoffery-Bey and Yma Rodriguez

In the 30th SD, incumbent Bill Perkins faces former Clinton aide Basil Smikle.

6 candidates filed petition in the 31st SD to replace Attorney General Candidate Eric Schneiderman. They are Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat, District Leader Mark Levin, former District Leader Anna Lewis, former Assembly candidate Francesca Castellanos, former Congressional aide Miosotis Munoz & Rafael Figuero.




In the 68th AD, 8 candidates are running to replace Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV. They are District Leader Marion Bell, John Ruiz & Evette Zayas, former District Leader Felix Rosado, former Council candidates Robert Rodriguez, Carlton Berkley & Edward Gibbs and Alvin Johnson.


69th AD Assemblyman Danny O'Donnell is opposed by former candidate Francisco Spies.


In the 71st AD, Assemblyman Denny Farrell is opposed by Ariel Ferreira.

In the 72nd AD, Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat is vacating the seat to run for State Senate. Candidates who filed petitions are former Assemblyman Nelson Denis, former Councilman Guillermo Linares, Jr., former District Leader candidate Miguel Estrella, Julissa Gomez, Wyatt Johnson & Gabriela Rosa.

73rd AD Assemblyman Jonathan Bing is being challenged by UFT backed candidate Greg Lundahl.

74th AD Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh is opposed by former Assembly candidate Juan Pagan.


State Committee


In the 69th AD, former State Committeeman Bob Ginsberg is opposed by former club President Dan Cohen and Rolando Rodriguez.


71st AD State Committeeman Al Taylor is opposed by Juan Erazo,

In the 72 AD, there is a 3 way for Male State Committee among incumbent Ricardo Urena, Miguel Cruz & Juan Hidalgo and a 2 way fight for Female between Albania Lopez and Marina Torres.


74th AD incumbent Male Michael Farrin is opposed by former candidate Michael Lopez. And incumbent female is opposed by former candidate Mildred Martinez.


Civil Court Judge


Housing Court Judge David Cohen is opposed by for Council candidate Richard Realmuto.






3 candidates filed petitions in the 14th CD - Roger Blank, David Brumberg & Dino LaVerghetta.


State Senate


Keesha Weiner & Jon Girodes are running in the 28th SD.


Independence Party


As is often the case, there are Independence Party contests among the factions aligned with either State Chair Frank McKay or Lenora Fulani. There are less than usual this year. In most cases, I don't know who with whom, so I will just the districts and the names.


64 AD - Louis Hinman vs. Michael Zumbluskas


65 AD - Adrienne Daly vs. Eva Ward


72 AD - Bobby Soto vs. Edger Torres







7th CD Congressman Joe Crowley is opposed by Chidi Akoma.


State Senator


As is fairly well known, 32nd SD Senator Ruben Diaz faces a challenge from Charlie Ramos and in the 33rd SD; Senator Pedro Espada, Jr. is opposed by former Gillibrand aide Gustavo Rivera, Community Board District Manager Fernando Tirado & Daniel Padernacht.



76th AD Assemblyman Peter Rivera is challenged by attorney Luis Sepulveda.


In the 77th AD, Assemblywoman Vanessa Gibson faces Niyyirrah El.


Assemblyman Jose Rivera is opposed in the 78th AD by former police officer Sergio Villaverde.


80th AD incumbent Naomi Rivera is challenged by former Senate aide Robert Giuffre & former Leader candidate Julio Munoz.


82nd AD Assemblyman Mike Benedetto is opposed by former candidate Herbert Moreira-Brown and Rafael Dominguez.


84th AD Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo is challenged by former Assemblyman Israel Martinez.


85th AD Assemblyman Marcos Crespo is opposed by Israel Cruz


86th AD Assemblyman Nelson Castro is challenged by District Leader Hector Ramirez.


State Committee


78th AD Manuel Felix & Ricardo Martinez are running for the Male slot and Pam Finley and Ana Rivera are running for Female position.


79th AD 3 candidates are running for State Committeeman, incumbent Wilford Pickney, Abrourazakou Bawa & Richard Hoffman, while 2 are running for Female - Ana Osario & Bernice Williams.


82nd AD George Croch is opposed by former candidate Egidio Sementilli for Male State Committee and Jennifer Rivera is opposed by Felicia Sementilli for Female State Committee


85th AD Jason McNeil & Matthew Shuffler are running for the Male slot.


86th AD Nero Graham is opposing James Duarte for State Committeeman and Jennifer Condell is opposing Yocasta Polanco for Female slot.


District Leader


76th AD Incumbent Kenneth Padilla is being challenged by State Senator Ruben Diaz for Male Leader.  Female leader Julia Rodriguez is opposed by Sarah Alleyne & Geraldine Lamb.


77th AD Venancio Catala Jr. is opposed for Male Leader by Escoffery-Bey, who is also running for State Senate, while 3 are running for Female leader - Wanda Jackson, Evelyn Rivera & Catherine Stroud


78th AD Assemblyman Jose Rivera is being opposed for Male District Leader by his Assembly opponent, Sergio Villaverde, while incumbent Nilda Velasquez County) is challenged by Myrna Corcino.

79th AD Wilbert Lawton is running against Jose Padilla, Jr. for Male Leader.  Incumbent Cynthia Cox is opposed by Adrianne Moses & Gwendolyn Primus.


82nd AD, Part A Councilman and Male Leader Larry Seabrook is opposed by 3 candidates - former Council candidates Sebastian Ulanga-Santiago & Algernon Quattlebaum and Assembly candidate Herbert Moreira-Brown.


82nd AD, Part B District Leaders Frank Randazzo & Fran Mahoney are opposed by State Committee candidates Egidio & Felicia Sementilli

84th AD Ricardo Cosme is being challenged by former Assemblyman Israel Martinez and Councilwoman and District Leader Maria Arroyo is opposed by Iris Fernandez.


85th AD State Committeeman Michael Robles is opposed by State Senate candidate Charlie Ramos for Male Leader and incumbent Carmen Morales (Rainbow) is challenged by Wilma Castro, & Carmen Hernandez .


86th AD For Male Leader, 3 candidates filed - James Duarte, Charlie Rodriguez & Juan Tavarez for Male Leader and 2 for Female -  Samantha Serrano (County) & former Council candidate Yudelka Tapia.


Working Families

State Committee

For the first time in my memory, there appears to be a WFP Primary for State Committee in the 81st AD between Josefina Colon & David Mirtz.








In the 10th CD, incumbent Ed Towns is opposed for the 2nd time by Kevin Powell. Former Council candidate Elias Weir also filed petitions.


12th CD incumbent Nydia Velasquez is opposed by Bruce Hirschfeld.


State Senate


18th SD Senator Velmanette Montgomery is opposed by former ADA Mark Pollard.


20th SD Senator Eric Adams is opposed by former candidate Guillermo Philpotts.


21st SD Senator Kevin Parker is being challenged by former candidate Wellington Sharpe.




40th AD Assemblywoman Inez Barron is opposed by former candidate Ken Evans.

42nd AD Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs is opposed by former candidate Michele Adolphe.


50th AD Assemblyman Joe Lentol is challenged by former candidate Andre Soleil.


52nd AD Assemblywoman is opposed by former Council candidate Joan Millman.


55th AD incumbent William Boyland Jr. has 3 opponents, former candidates Roy Antoine & David Miller and Christopher Legree.


State Committee/District Leader


40th AD Assemblywoman Inez Barron is challenging incumbent. Carol Faison.


42nd AD Incumbent Mary Hobson has 2 opponents - Rodneyse Bichotte & Natasha Holiday.


43rd AD Incumbent Shirley Patterson faces Teresa Hackett-Vieria.


50th AD Longtime Leader Steve Cohn is not running for re-election. His son, Congressional aide Warren Cohn is running, with opposition from Lincoln Rustler and Assembly candidate Andrei Soleil. Female Leader Linda Mince is opposed by Jasmine Velasquez & Catherine Zidar.

52nd AD In a contest that has been featured in Gatemouth posts, incumbent Joanne Simon is opposed by Council aide Hope Reichbach and her running mate Jesse Strauss is opposed by Reichbach running mate Stephen Williamson and former Congressional candidate Chris Owens.

53rd AD Assemblyman & County Leader Vito Lopez is challenged by Esteban Duran and Female Leader Maritza Davilla is opposed by Barbara Medina

55th AD Incumbent William Boyland Jr. has 5 opponents for State Committee - former candidate Anthony Herbert & Bilal Malik, one of his Assembly opponents - Christopher Legree and John Williams. Councilwoman Darlene Mealy is running for Female Leader against Linda Sanders & Latrice Walker.


56th AD Incumbent State Committee & Councilman Al Vann is not running again. The 2 candidates for his spot are former Council candidate Robert Cornegy and Balram Mahabir.


57th AD Incumbent Walter Mosley III is being challenged by Senate candidate Guillermo Philpotts and Gregory Walker for the Male spot and Female incumbent Olanike Alabai is opposed by Renee Collymore.

58th AD Incumbent & former Councilman Kendall Stewart is opposed by former Leader Weyman Carey and Cory Provost.

60th AD Male Incumbent Ralph Perfetto is being challenged by Kevin Carroll, 







2 Republicans - Robert Turner & Joseph Hayon filed to run in the 9th CD. Hayon is also listed as the Conservative candidate in the 40th AD, so I don't know what's going on here.




2 Republicans are running in 49th AD - former candidate Lucretia Regina-Potter & Peter Cipriano.




60th AD Democratic Assemblywoman Janelle Hyer-Spencer & her Republican opponent Nicole Malliotakis are listed as having filed for the Independence nomination. I do not know if either were given permission to run.






State Senate


10th SD Incumbent Shirley Huntley is challenged by former Council candidate Lynn Nunes.

14th SD Senate President Malcolm Smith is opposed by former candidate Everly Brown.


16th SD Senator Toby Stavisky is opposed by former candidate Isaac Sasson & businessman John Messer.




24th AD Assemblyman David Weprin is opposed by his Special Election opponent, Robert Friedrich.


26th AD Four candidates are running to replace retiring incumbent Anne Carozza. They are former Assemblyman John Duane, former Council candidate Steven Behar, Assembly aide Ed Braunstein and Elio Forcina.


28th AD Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi is opposed by attorney, Joe Fox.


33rd AD Assemblywoman Barbara Clark is being challenged by former Council candidate Clyde Vanel.


35th AD Assemblyman Jeff Aubrey has a challenge from former police officer Anthony Miranda


36th AD 3 candidates filed petitions to replace Assemblyman Mike Gianaris, who is running for State Senate. They are Council aide Aravella Simotas, attorney Jeremiah Frei-Pearson & former Council candidate John Ciafone. But it has recently been reported that Frei-Pearson is not running.


38th AD Assemblyman Michael Miller is being opposed by Nick Comaianni.


39th AD Former candidate Francisco Moya and former Senator Hiram Monserrate are running to replace State Senator Jose Peralta.


State Committee

22nd AD Male incumbent Donald Henton is opposed by his 2008 opponent, Edwin Salas & Female incumbent Loretta Weiss is opposed by Laura Kapchan.


33rd AD 3 candidates are running for State Committeeman - Leroy Manuel, Jabbar Richardson & Donnie Whitehead, while incumbent Female Ann Wilkinson is opposed by Jo Anne Floyd-Whitehead.


38th AD 2 candidates are opposing State Committeeman Francis Dunne - Robert Deutsch & Drew Rampersaud and one is opposing Female incumbent Eleanor Errante - Maria D'Amico.


District Leader


22nd AD, Part A Philip Hom is running for Male Leader against James Trikas and incumbent Female Martha Flores-Vazquez is opposed by Eun Chul Kim.


22nd AD, Part B Two former Council candidates Terence Park & S.J. Jung are opposing each other for Male Leader & former Female Leader and Councilwoman Julia Harrison is challenged by Mabel Law.


31st AD, Part B Male Leader Taj Rajkumar is being challenged by George Parpas.

32nd AD, Part A Male Leader John McRae is opposed by Pedro Cepeda.


33rd AD, Part A Male Leader Sulpice Chambers is being challenged by Louis Sheppard and Female Leader & Assemblywoman Barbara Clark is opposed by Paula Medard.


33rd AD, Part B Male Leader Henry McCoy, Jr. & June Bunch faces State Committee candidates Donnie Whitehead & Jo Anne Floyd-Whitehead.


35th AD, Part A In a rematch of 2008. Leader George Dixon is opposed by Hayden Horsham.

35th AD, Part B District Leaders James Lisa & Barbara Jackson are challenged by Terry Lewis & Jacqueline Evans.

38th AD, Part A Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley is opposed by Arlene LoMastro.

38th AD, Part B Former Senate candidate Albert Baldeo is running against Harpreet Singh Toor & Drew Rampersaud is opposing Female Leader Eleanor Errante.



Two Republicans are running in the 26th AD, where Democrat Anne Carozza is retiring. They are attorney & former Giuliani official Vincent Tabone & retired police Officer Robert Speranza.


Independence Party


State Senate


15th SD Democratic Senator Joseph Addabbo, Jr. & his Republican opponent, former Councilman Anthony Como are listed as having filed for the Independence nomination as are 16th SD Senator Toby Stavisky and one of Democratic Primary opponents Isaac Sasson. I do not know which candidates were given permission to run.


State Committee


As in Manhattan, there are Independence Party contests among the factions aligned with either State Chair Frank McKay or Lenora Fulani. Like Manhattan I don't always know who with whom, so I will just the districts and the names.

24th AD Joseph Cavano vs. Collin Cheung & Laura Boyd vs. Grace Lim

27th AD Crosetti Denison vs. Michael Niebauer & Taneshia Lomx vs. Pamela Rinando

36th AD Molly Honigsfield vs. Marsela Meraku

Staten Island





13th CD As is well know, there are 2 candidates for the Republican nomination to oppose Congressman Mike McMahon - Michael Allegretti & Michael Grimm.

Independence Party




13th Congressman Mike McMahon is opposed by former Council candidate John Tabacco.


State Committee

As in Manhattan, there are Independence Party contests among the factions aligned with either State Chair Frank McKay or Lenora Fulani. Like there, I don't always know who with whom, so I will just the districts and the names.


60th AD Paul Gibilisco vs. Alan Weinman & Janis Gregory vs. Marta Pabon,


61st AD Thorsten Magnussen vs. William Tallman & Sarah Lyons vs. Elizabeth Ciccone.


 The dogs that didn't bark.


Despite the weekly stories in the Daily News & New York Post, no Democrats filed to challenge Congressman Greg Meeks in this year's Primary.


Even with all the bad press received by the State Legislature, 13 of New York City's State Senators and 36 of our Assembly members do not have even nominal Primary opponents.






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