Funk, with Beards

10/04/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

CSC Funk Band wants you to dance New York City has been the progenitor of myriad music scenes: punk rock, No Wave, noise-rock and more recent fads like dance-punk and Ivy League rock. Indeed, something is amiss when the sound filling Issue Project Room’s cavernous courtyard isn’t aping the usual. Instead, a long-haired stoner beardo, draped in an ancient guided by Voices T-shirt and clutching an oboe, announces to the crowd gathered under the hot summer sun: “It’s OK if you want to dance, we’re a funk band!” Such is the universe according to CSC Funk Band, an ever-expanding crew (at press time, a 10-piece) comprised of all white dudes and one brave lady defying the requisite post-punk retreads and avant-garde noise-isms and inciting a DIY dance riot by channeling not Eno or Bowie but James Brown.

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