09/26/2012 02:05 pm ET Updated Aug 01, 2013

Top 3 Destinations for Back-to-School Bargains Online

For Women & Co. by Alli Worthington,

You thought you were finished with back-to-school shopping, but now that classroom doors have opened, perhaps you've discovered you've missed a few things. From basics you can buy in bulk to special one-of-a-kind items that'll make your student stand out, here are my top three destinations for back-to-school bargains online:

1. Geddes
Have a lot of kids and want to stock up on a large quantity of school items? Or want to split a large order of supplies with friends? Geddes should be your go-to; it caters to bulk purchases. For example, for $7.50 you can purchase a tub of 50 pink rectangular erasers -- only 15 cents per eraser! There are plenty of opportunities to buy smaller quantities, too, like 24 .7mm mechanical pencils for only $6.96.

2. Etsy
The Etsy marketplace -- a collection of thousands of small businesses that sell online -- is chock full of handmade and vintage goods. Bargains abound, as do super unique and fun items: vintage thermos? Check. Cloth lunch bag? Check. Homespun items are unusual, and your purchases will likely be supporting indie businesses.

3. Ebates
Get cash back as you shop online when you have an Ebates account. With over 1,500 top online shopping sites participating, it's easy to start accumulating money that's either sent to you as a quarterly check or deposited into your PayPal account. In my opinion, Ebates also has fabulous coupons and codes. A recent example: An Ebates coupon code for a USB drive from OfficeMax, plus 3% cash back on all OfficeMax purchases.

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