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Rhet Troxell

To My Wife And All Nurses Everywhere, Thank You

Rhet Troxell | November 26, 2015 | Healthy Living
This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for all you nurses out there -- who abandon everything about your own needs and wants, to make this world a better place for everyone else you take care of. I'm thankful for my wife -- an ICU nurse -- my hero.
Jeremy Gavron

Investigating My Mother's Suicide I Experienced What It's Like to Be a Woman

Jeremy Gavron | November 26, 2015 | UK Lifestyle
She had married at eighteen, was a mother at twenty-one. She was still in her twenties when the 1960s came along, still young enough to embrace the excitements of the new age. She fell in love with a colleague, but when she revealed this, I learned of the pressures that society and her family put upon her to give up the affair. She was sent to see a psychiatrist, was told, as iconoclastic women have been told through the ages, that she had lost her senses.
Rebecca Nagle

This Thanksgiving Do More Than Acknowledge the Oppression of Native Americans. Act to End it.

Rebecca Nagle | November 26, 2015 | Impact
Acknowledging the history of the oppression of Native Americans is not justice. Ending the oppression of Native Americans is justice. This Thanksgiving, we need people to do more than give a symbolic nod to the history of Native peoples. We need people to act.
Ruba Huleihel

Cross-Stitching Contradiction - Why I Started Birdsong

Ruba Huleihel | November 25, 2015 | UK Style
When the Rana Plaza factory collapsed over 1,129 people were killed. Horrific manufacturing conditions aside, the way fashion is marketed to women is damaging to say the least. Through images we are taught that as women our looks our everything and the best way to look is skinny young and white.
Christopher Lai

9 Things All Couples Have to Remember Once They Fall In Love

Christopher Lai | November 25, 2015 | Women
Act like you're at the top of Rick's Cafe on a cliff in Jamaica, nervously peeping over the edge, and jump off. Fall deeper and harder for each other every day.
Riley Arthur

Behind the Scenes: The Magic of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Riley Arthur | November 25, 2015 | Good News
There are few things more American than the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. There is a reason magicians don't reveal their tricks. Going behind the scenes and seeing how the parade is created ended up not in any way spoiling the magic. Instead, it gave me a greater appreciation for the work that goes into it.
Ariane Le Chevallier

Giving Thanks for Complicated Families

Ariane Le Chevallier | November 25, 2015 | Women
Before I even met my husband, people would ask me about which dad was going to walk me down the aisle if I ever got married, or would all three? I come from a somewhat complex family: I have three dads.
Antonio Borrello, PhD

Single During the Holidays? 4 Steps to Take Charge of Your Love Life!

Antonio Borrello, PhD | November 25, 2015 | Women
The holidays are a stressful time if you're single and you don't want to be. If you can't imagine another year of watching the ball drop from your couch with a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream and your cat in your lap, stay tuned.
Tova Payne

Sexism Is Not Dead

Tova Payne | November 25, 2015 | Women
As a woman there's no getting away from it -- you are WAW: Walking As a Woman, and that means you are treated differently every step you take.
Abby Norman

So, Somebody Called You Racist: Tips from a Formerly Ignorant White Girl

Abby Norman | November 25, 2015 | Women
I know you feel called out, especially if this happened in front of other people, but here is the good news. No one is trying to correct that one totally bigoted cranky old uncle at the Thanksgiving table.
Linda Sarsour

Islamophobia and Donald Trump Are No Laughing Matter. This Is Real Life

Linda Sarsour | November 25, 2015 | Religion
I am trying to stay above water. Trying not to drown in the poisonous pool of hate and ignorance. I am doing what I can, writing the op-eds, making sure the media hears our voices and continuing my daily work in pursuit of justice not only for my own community but for my sister communities.

My Husband Didn't 'Settle' For A Fat Wife

Bustle | November 25, 2015 | Women
When people see my husband and I -- he, the "good looking" male and me, the "fat" woman -- supporting each other and showcasing our love, it challenges stereotypes.
Emily Casali

On Pregnancy, Labor and the Lost Art of Discretion

Emily Casali | November 25, 2015 | Parents
If you are like me, your maiden voyage into motherhood was accompanied by lots of advice. People you don't even know approach you to congratulate you. It's lovely, but then suddenly, they're uncaging hairy, snarling words like "vaginal wall" and "third degree." Some things are better left unsaid.
Shinjini Das

5 Signs You're a Low Maintenance Girl with High Standards

Shinjini Das | November 25, 2015 | Women
There are two extremes of the spectrum, high maintenance vs. low maintenance. As girls, there is a great chance that we have been called either of these more times in our lives than we would like to admit: "oh my gosh, she is SO high maintenance, right?!"
1,000 Dreams Fund

I Want to Feel Safe: It's Time to End Violence Against Women on Campus

1,000 Dreams Fund | November 25, 2015 | College
When will college campuses provide the security where women won't be scared to walk alone to their classes? Where women won't have to feel violated? When women won't have to protect themselves from unwanted attention? When will no actually mean no?
Gabriella Taylor

The Hidden Gift in Traffic School - and What It Taught Me About My Heart

Gabriella Taylor | November 25, 2015 | Women
I got a speeding ticket on PCH in the summer for going 5 miles over the speed limit (first wave of judgment arises here, as every day I see crazy sports car drivers going 80mph and I was ONLY going 50mph!).
Darling Magazine

After Almost Dying From a Stroke, I Asked These Questions

Darling Magazine | November 25, 2015 | Women
The world stopped making sense to me when I almost died at 26 years old, and that's when the real questions began. On April 21, 2008, out of the blue, without a sign or symptom, I suffered a massive brain stem stroke while my six month old baby, James, slept in the other room.
Paulina Porizkova

Just Another Refugee Kid

Paulina Porizkova | November 26, 2015 | World
The thin child with big sad eyes and a braid hanging down her back, the one holding a bag containing all her worldly possessions with one hand, and with the other she clutches her baby brother: that refugee girl was once me.
Belkys Lopez

The Mirabal Sisters : Heroes, Not Victims

Belkys Lopez | November 25, 2015 | Politics
Today on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women las hermanas Mirabal of the Dominican Republic are honored by the United Nations. These sisters bravely gave their lives 55 years ago in the struggle against the Dominican Republic's notorious dictator Raphael Trujillo.
Catherine Russell

In War-Torn DRC, This Doctor Empowers Survivors

Catherine Russell | November 25, 2015 | World
For almost 20 years, Dr. Mukwege has treated patients who have survived serious injuries from sexual violence perpetrated as a tactic of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
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