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Lisa Guest


Women Are Honestly Writing About Sex: It's About Time

Lisa Guest | Posted June 27, 2012

"If you examine sexy heroines in literature you will see they either lose their lives or their children for expressing their sexuality." I can see now why I was so hesitant. I wasn't willing to die just yet.
Amy Graff


A Place in Ghana That's Nourishing Kids Back to Life

Amy Graff | Posted June 27, 2012

Princess Marie Louise Hospital is an 86-year-old institution that specifically treats malnourished children and what I saw on my visit with the ONE Campaign today was astonishing.
Susan Orlins


Marathon Women

Susan Orlins | Posted June 27, 2012

Shouldn't the mother be the one to soak up her little girl's I-did-it grin as she crosses the finish line? Or was this one of those role reversals dealt to us by the passing years?
Barbara & Shannon Kelley


Another Scarlet Letter: Age

Barbara & Shannon Kelley | Posted June 27, 2012

It occurs to me: maybe one of the reasons certain milestone birthdays are so scary for younger women is the assumptions they make about the women who have already reached them.
Shannon Bradley-Colleary


Yes, I've Had Plastic Surgery! Happy Now?

Shannon Bradley-Colleary | Posted June 27, 2012

There may be ageless, perfectly fit people out there who've never had a thing done, but I don't want to know them. I'm interested in the women who admit their beauty requires Herculean tasks.
Dave Astor


Mothers of (Literary) Invention Make Good Mother's Day Gifts

Dave Astor | Posted June 27, 2012

If you're trying to think of a Mother's Day present for mom, how about a novel featuring a memorable mother? The book could star a saintly mom, a hellish mom, or a more realistic mom between those two extremes.
Elizabeth Debold


Too Many Shades of Grey

Elizabeth Debold | Posted June 27, 2012

Why, when the women's movement aimed to liberate us from being sexually objectified and degraded, are so many women objectifying and degrading themselves?
Lori Leibovich


Michelle Is Us: Wit and Wisdom for Moms From the First Lady

Lori Leibovich | Posted June 27, 2012

If you take a family and move them to the White House, they are still a family, and that the parenting conversation around a shiny White House table sounds pretty much like parenting conversation around yours or mine.
Sam Sommers


Sex Objects in a World Turned Upside-Down

Sam Sommers | Posted June 27, 2012

Just how often do people objectify women? According to recent research, we're so used to treating women as sex objects that we can do it even when standing on our heads.
Jincey Lumpkin


Feminist Porn and the Myth of the Wicked Woman

Jincey Lumpkin | Posted June 27, 2012

What makes feminist porn different, I think, is a commitment to ethical standards. I collaborate with my stars to make sure that they feel empowered by the process; I make sure that they have a say in whom they have sex with and what kind of sex they want to have.
Lea Lane


Isolated on an Island, Dealing With Grief

Lea Lane | Posted June 27, 2012

Alone on the cliffs of Grand Manan Island overlooking the misty Bay of Fundy, I didn't feel any lonelier than I did anywhere else. I felt peaceful. I missed my husband, but now I felt his presence more clearly in my memories.
Lydia Netzer


15 Ways to Stay Married for 15 Years

Lydia Netzer | Posted October 19, 2012

The old maxim that you shouldn't go to bed mad is stupid. Sometimes you need to just go to freakin' bed.
Cecilia Attias


Dialogue for Action Africa

Cecilia Attias | Posted June 27, 2012

Women are at the center of our world's development. Women are the mothers who bear and care for children, and they play an important economic role. Empowering women is key to boosting the well-being of many rural societies.
Ann Brenoff


Rules for Post50 Playdates

Ann Brenoff | Posted June 27, 2012

There was a popular book years ago called "All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten." Lessons included how to share, how to wait your turn and how to line up without touching the guy in front of you.
Vicky Kuperman


I'll Take My Eggs Over, Please! A Woman's Confession About Children

Vicky Kuperman | Posted June 27, 2012

Here are five signs you know you don't want children.
Jenny Isenman


40 Things Every Mom Should Have and Should Know by 40

Jenny Isenman | Posted June 27, 2012

In the blink of an eye, I went from 20 to nearly 40. If you're nearing, turning or past the big 4-0, here's one for you...
Amy Newmark


What I Learned From Editing 'Chicken Soup For The Soul'

Amy Newmark | Posted June 27, 2012

I have read tens of thousands of heartfelt, inspiring, personal stories from people all over the world. Sometimes people will reveal a deep dark secret to our readers before they will tell the people closest to them, so I often get to be their very first confidante.
Rym Tina Ghazal


The Last Tango in Syria

Rym Tina Ghazal | Posted June 27, 2012

Too much has been said about death and Syria, and so I wanted to focus on life and Syria, and those who have seen it all and understand it best, like my grandmother.
Sandy Abrams


Mompreneurs: Relying on Facebook to Grow Biz

Sandy Abrams | Posted June 27, 2012

There comes a time for many stay-at-home moms when they realize that they can turn their hobby into a business. This "lifestyle business" model has been life-changing for these two self-proclaimed "Facebook Mompreneurs."
Tamara Shayne Kagel


Tweets That Will Ruin Your Relationship

Tamara Shayne Kagel | Posted June 27, 2012

Why must we shout from the rooftops when our boyfriends are napping on the job? If you ever feel like tweeting the following or some variation thereof, stop -- call someone up, write in a diary, or confess to a stranger.
Soraya Chemaly


March Because "Equal Enough" for Women Is Unacceptable

Soraya Chemaly | Posted June 27, 2012

Tomorrow, thousands of women and men will participate in marches and rallies for women's rights in 45 states and the District of Columbia. American women need to be recognized as full citizens. Yes, women in this country.
Tracey Cleantis


Infertility: You Can't Always Get What You Want -- And That's Not All Bad

Tracey Cleantis | Posted June 27, 2012

I endured countless artificial reproductive technology procedures ($100,000.00 worth), and now I feel nothing but grateful that I am not a mother, and that is a miracle.