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Lincee Ray


'The Bachelorette' Recap: Fantasy Suite Week

Lincee Ray | Posted September 8, 2012

You gotta love the fantasy suite week! But who did Emily love enough to keep around for the finale? And what was she wearing when she made that decision? So much to discuss.
Alice Grist


A Perfect Birth is All in the Mind

Alice Grist | Posted September 8, 2012

My natural birth was made chemical, forceful, medical and surgical. The most important question here though is... Am I bothered? Well if you'd told me in advance this was how things might go, then I would have thought I'd be devastated. But in reality I'm happy.
Dr. Peggy Drexler


Why Moms and Daughters Can Never Really Be Friends

Dr. Peggy Drexler | Posted September 8, 2012

Let's put aside the more commonly-asked question these days -- that is, should you be Facebook friends with your children -- and get down to a much more basic quandary: Can you be real life friends with them?
Contessa Gayles


Going Natural Without Joining The Movement

Contessa Gayles | Posted September 8, 2012

For many natural women today, self-confidence trumps racial pride and self-discovery takes priority over sisterhood. Convenience, time management, budget and health are on women's long and diverse lists of reasons to go natural.
Madeleine M. Kunin


Why Men Can't Have It All

Madeleine M. Kunin | Posted September 8, 2012

Instead of concluding that we have to reject the women's movement's promise that women could "have it all," it's time to acknowledge that many of the same limitations hold true for men
Carol Roth


Are We Killing Sexuality?

Carol Roth | Posted September 8, 2012

It makes it much more difficult for something to be titillating, "bad" and exciting when it's as commonplace as Diet Coke.
Michelle Whittaker


Hair Takes Us To Our Roots

Michelle Whittaker | Posted September 8, 2012

My mother was my first hair stylist. Like so many African American girls, the experience of our mothers doing our hair in the kitchen is one of our first memories. I can't imagine myself with a head full of curls.
Tara Sophia Mohr


Slaughter's Story Made the Cover -- What Stories Got Left Out?

Tara Sophia Mohr | Posted September 8, 2012

Try and picture a magazine cover story about her -- the deeply satisfied, happy-with-herself woman. It's hard to even imagine, because we never see her in our cultural theater.
Joyce McFadden


When It Comes to Our Daughters' Sexual Development, Do We Value Shame Over Happiness?

Joyce McFadden | Posted September 8, 2012

In an effort to keep our daughters safe, are we adding to the illusion mothers are asexual? Are we selling that to our daughters as the future they have to look forward to?
Soraya Chemaly


"Boy Crisis" in Education Is a Microcosm of Women's Lives

Soraya Chemaly | Posted September 8, 2012

You want more male teachers and educational environments that meet the needs of all types of students? I want fair pay, more female leaders and workplace and political environments that do the same thing.
Sandra Matsevilo


Modern Day Heroines: What They're Doing and Why It's All Wrong

Sandra Matsevilo | Posted September 8, 2012

Instead of promoting female sexuality and knowledge of self, Twilight, The Hunger Games, and Fifty Shades hide these topics in a false innocence that, apparently, is supposed to make men attracted to us.
Ann Brenoff


No Bra Day: I Spent My 20s Braless

Ann Brenoff | Posted September 8, 2012

I spent the decade of my 20s braless, which I suspect qualifies me to speak on National No Bra Day -- an event officially being celebrated today.
Rahul Choudaha, Ph.D.


Why Are Chinese Women More Interested in Management Education Than American?

Rahul Choudaha, Ph.D. | Posted September 8, 2012

Graduate management education seems to be losing the charm among American women as compared to sharp increase in interest among Chinese women, as seen from the number of GMAT test-takers.
Barbara & Shannon Kelley


A Fine Mess: Why We Need to Ditch the Clutter

Barbara & Shannon Kelley | Posted September 8, 2012

When information, not to mention the choices available to us, increase exponentially, where's the space to process? To reflect?
Damarys Ocana


How Gloria Estefan Helped Me Love My Curls

Damarys Ocana | Posted September 8, 2012

it wasn't just that Gloria Estefan's Conga, a song with such a resoundingly Latin vibe had made its way onto mainstream radio that made me proud. I also loved that Gloria had curly hair.
Farzana Gardee


Accidentally Childfree

Farzana Gardee | Posted September 8, 2012

I never imagined that I would one day be discussing a childfree life, let alone my childfree life


Money Lessons You Can Learn From Reality TV

LearnVest | Posted September 8, 2012

For every Real Housewife selling her life story to tabloids, there are savvy businesswomen, brilliant managers and etiquette situations we might all face one day.
Jane Labous


African Girl Power: How 36 Girl Footballers are Scoring All the Goals in Togo

Jane Labous | Posted September 8, 2012

At the 2012 Olympics in London, only two African women's teams will feature among the 12 nations competing. Last year, a plucky women's team from the diminutive Central African nation of Equatorial Guinea hit world headlines during the women's football World Cup in Germany.
James Franco


Girls and Gatz

James Franco | Posted September 8, 2012

I know I am very late to be talking about the second half of the first season of Girls, and that the second season has already been shot, but I need to follow up my initial post about the show.
Elizabeth Dosoretz


Does Plastic Surgery Change Your Identity? (PHOTOS)

Elizabeth Dosoretz | Posted October 11, 2012

When my friend decided to have plastic surgery on her face and breasts, I couldn't hide my shock. I was caught off guard -- she had always been one of those cute, perky moms, dressed in the latest trend.