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Allison Berkowitz


Self-Improvement: Progress Is Perfection

Allison Berkowitz | Posted December 3, 2012

I implore you to give yourself the grace to dream things could be different, the kindness to ask what that would mean for you, the fortitude to find out how you could realistically get there, and then have the patience and diligence to follow it though -- seeking out help when you need it
Joan Williams


The New Girls' Network: 'The Polite Little Girl in the Room'?

Joan Williams | Posted December 3, 2012

In this legal environment, sometimes the risk-averse approach of being the polite little girl in the room is, in fact, riskier than going after what you want.
Deborah Coady


Our Definition of 'Sex-Positive'

Deborah Coady | Posted December 3, 2012

Every woman can feel sexual or sex-positive as long as she broadens her definition of the term "sex."
Kathy Bushkin Calvin


Meeting the Challenge to Save the Lives of Women and Children

Kathy Bushkin Calvin | Posted December 3, 2012

If we can land a rover on Mars and map out the genes of the human body, we should also be able to prevent millions of women and children from dying of mostly preventable causes like pregnancy complications, malnutrition, pneumonia, measles, and malaria.
Amy Chan


Processing the Pain of Infidelity

Amy Chan | Posted December 3, 2012

These struggles in our lives are opportunities for us to heal old wounds and to grow. They are catalysts that have to be triggered in order for you to overcome them. These experiences may not feel good at the time, but they are not good or bad -- they are just a part of the human journey.
Amy Shiner


In a Word: Defining 'Poly' and 'Non-Monogamy'

Amy Shiner | Posted December 3, 2012

While discussing what "poly" is with a commenter on my last blog, I realized that there really isn't a reason to place a definition on it. However, there is a need for open-mindedness about other people's relationship dynamics.
Sarah Damaske


The Blame Game: Work-Family Topics Are in the Spotlight, But Real Issues Often Ignored

Sarah Damaske | Posted December 3, 2012

I've been delighted to see how many times work-family issues have made the national news this year. Yet, some of these articles seem to be playing the blame game, suggesting that women are at fault for their continued experience of work-family conflict.
Debbie Leon


I Went Years Without Wearing Heels... And This Is What Happened When I Started Again (PHOTOS)

Debbie Leon | Posted December 3, 2012

Although I am not quite five feet tall, I almost never wear shoes with high heels, although I strangely have 10 pairs in my closet gathering dust. As an experiment, I decided to wear heels for a week to see how I would survive.
Lisa Jey Davis


We Are Way Too Sexy for Our Genes

Lisa Jey Davis | Posted December 3, 2012

If you have relatives who've suffered from breast or ovarian cancer (even pancreatic or prostate cancers), then ask about genetic testing and don't allow the fear of the unknown to jeopardize your health. I'm here to cheer you on. We are all here to cheer you on.
Cathy Margolin, L.Ac. Dipl. OM


Ladies Need GYN Education More Than SEX Education

Cathy Margolin, L.Ac. Dipl. OM | Posted December 3, 2012

I know too many women who are menopausal, suffering with hot flashes and have reached adulthood with sex education under their belts, but without a firm grasp on their our own gynecological and hormone health.
Dr. Sasha Galbraith


Former Cisco Executive Shows Executive Women the Value of Networking

Dr. Sasha Galbraith | Posted December 3, 2012

Pop quiz: What do IBM, Pepsi-Co, Dupont, Campbell Soup, Xerox and Kraft Foods have in common? They're all led by female CEOs. In fact, with the appointment of Marissa Mayer as CEO and President of Yahoo! in July, women have upped their game on the Fortune 500 list, with 20 female CEOs among the ranks.
Lauren Taylor Shute


Growing Up and Moving Out: My Move from the South to NYC

Lauren Taylor Shute | Posted December 3, 2012

I sat with my mother on my bed as the movie ended. We pretended that we weren't both heartbroken at the thought of her only daughter moving away from home and simply focused on how great I would look in my new trench coat traipsing around New York City à la Anne Hathaway.
Women & Co


3 Reasons to Organize Important Family Documents

Women & Co | Posted December 3, 2012

All you have to do is ignore incoming paper for a week or two and you're overwhelmed. Even if you spend a lot of time online, you've probably still get letters, receipts and other important pieces of paperwork that are piling up in your office or online.
Kimberly Nagaran


'Parenthood' Recap: Crosby Is Overwhelmed With Jabbar's Reality

Kimberly Nagaran | Posted December 3, 2012

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Even though the children evolved and broke barriers (in more ways than one), it was the parents that really opened their minds and eyes to reality.
Dori Hartley


Gagging on Pink Ribbons

Dori Hartley | Posted December 3, 2012

The color pink has pissed me off since 2001, when I was diagnosed with second stage breast cancer.
Lisa Belkin


Olivia Wilde Dances To 'Vagina Song' With Kenyan Women (VIDEO)

Lisa Belkin | Posted December 3, 2012

"Most of these women have been circumcised, have been raped, been beaten, have been abused. They have not been raised to embrace their sexuality and their feminine power, so the fact that they can gather and celebrate that is amazing."


How I Went From 58 Pounds & Nearly Dead to Healthy, Happy and Loving Life

Intent | Posted December 3, 2012

15-year-olds aren't supposed to have strokes. At least that's what I thought. I try not to think about it too much. Even now, I only have bits and pieces; shards of memories that somehow remained intact even through the trauma my brain endured that day
Dion Rabouin


Angela Davis and the Culture of Domestic Violence

Dion Rabouin | Posted December 3, 2012

Perhaps the most destructive part of the problem is that no one is proposing ways to stop it from happening. There are programs for men who have been abusive, and programs for women who have been abused, but what about programs for men before they become abusive?
Rita Wilson


My Message on Huff/Post50's First Birthday: 'It's Never Too Late'

Rita Wilson | Posted December 3, 2012

If anything, turning fifty seems like license to liberate yourself from any definition at all.