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Chris Harnick


'The Good Wife' Recap: Standing Up To The Man In 'Here Comes The Judge'

Chris Harnick | Posted November 18, 2012

It's official: We're in filler episode territory of "The Good Wife." While "Here Comes the Judge" had some interesting elements, it felt overwhelmingly "meh."
Michael Hogan


Homeland Recap, Season 2, Episode 8: Brody And Carrie Make Sex Noises In 'I'll Fly Away'

Michael Hogan | Posted November 18, 2012

Are the writers signaling to us that Nicholas Brody's days are numbered? It doesn't seem possible that Showtime would give Damian Lewis the Sean Bean treatment ... But clearly, the countdown to Abu Nazir's big attack is under way.
Katharine Tengtio


The Importance of Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Markets

Katharine Tengtio | Posted November 19, 2012

Supporting entrepreneurship is undoubtedly a positive and practical choice, however there are many women across developing countries who don't receive any encouragement or support. As a result, these women are unable to pursue their dreams and a major source of growth is left untapped.
Baroness Jenkin


1 in 3 Women Living With Discomfort, Indignity and Fear for Want of a Toilet

Baroness Jenkin | Posted November 18, 2012

Across the world, 1 in 3 women risk shame, disease, harassment and even attack because they have nowhere safe to go to the toilet. That's 1.25 billion women - daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers. Facing each day without access to this basic necessity is not just an inconvenience; it impacts on all aspects of life, and it is women and girls who suffer the most. Having nowhere safe to go to the toilet also means an increased risk of shame, harassment and even violence for women and girls when they are forced to go out in search of a private place to go to the toilet.
Laura Zigman


'Hello 1-800-Butterball? My Turkey Is Fine But My Family Is Killing Me!'

Laura Zigman | Posted November 18, 2012

Well, it's that time of year again! When you call the Butterball Turkey Hotline and instead of asking for help with your Thanksgiving meal, you beg them to save you from your family!