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Abby Rodman, LICSW


Merry Divorce? Why It's So Hard to Call It Quits During the Holidays

Abby Rodman, LICSW | February 12, 2014 | Divorce
January has been dubbed "divorce month" -- and with good reason. It shows a higher number of divorce filings than any other month. Why? Because people aren't usually in a big hurry to call it quits -- and tell their kids -- right before the family-est time of the year.
Thomas E. Perez


Honoring a Women's Rights Pioneer

Thomas E. Perez | February 12, 2014 | Women
The Labor Department's Hall of Honor recognizes men and women -- like Cesar Chavez, Helen Keller and the Workers of the Memphis Sanitation Strike -- who have made invaluable contributions to the welfare of American workers.
Ella Boureau

Lesbians Who Eat Their Young: How Sarah Schulman and I Got the Boot From Best Lesbian Erotica 2014

Ella Boureau | February 12, 2014 | Gay Voices
In June I sent out a story to be considered for Best Lesbian Erotica 2014, but I could not have imagined the tangled internal politics that would ensue. That fight is emblematic of a broader schism in the queer community, one that calls up all the old questions of assimilation vs. liberation.
Mimi Golub


Deadly Breakups: How to Talk About Teen Dating Violence

Mimi Golub | February 12, 2014 | Women
We need to explain to our daughters that a boyfriend who cuts her off from friends and family is not a good man. We have to make our teens understand that punching a wall or name-calling can lead to violence. It is never OK to go alone to visit a depressed or aggressive ex. Parental advice can save lives.
Marion Winik


To My Dear Boys: A Letter to the Men I've Loved

Marion Winik | February 12, 2014 | Women
Vamping down the runway in their clodhopper high heels, those reckless, ironic drag queens appeared as beacons to me, fur-coat aunties from somewhere in my spiritual family tree. What a little pioneer of gender dysphoria I was.
Ron Burgundy

How Newsy Is The Huffington Post? (UPDATE: Arianna Responds)

Ron Burgundy | February 12, 2014 | Entertainment
News. What is "news," really? I believe news is a beacon of justice, illuminating the dark corners of the Earth. I believe that news is a powerful stallion of justice, galloping across this great, fragrant, fertile land. I know news. So I took a look at some of the top "news" stories I saw on Huffington Post to see just how newsy you are.
Shoham Geva


GM CEO Appointment Sobering Reminder of How Far We Still Have to Go

Shoham Geva | February 12, 2014 | Women
On the surface, it's a fantastic thing. It's always a fantastic thing when one more positive first for any target identity is achieved. But as an 18-year-old female going to college today and expecting to head into the job market myself in the near future, it's also disappointing.
Annabelle Buggle


'Am I Ugly?' A Massive Online Community Reveals Surprising Truths About Body Insecurity

Annabelle Buggle | February 12, 2014 | Women
People are social animals: it's in our nature to crave approval from those around us, and it's only normal to want to be accepted -- and, more than that, admired. In this image-obsessed society, it makes sense that we'd want to get an idea of what others see when they look at us. Are we pretty, or are we ugly?
Joan Gelfand


'Quartered'/Weapons of Mass Distraction

Joan Gelfand | February 12, 2014 | Healthy Living
Joan: Quartered Fifteen minutes to read the morning news Fifteen minutes to listen -- oh! To listen! To Massanet. Fifteen minutes to transform under steamy stream of shower Fifteen minutes to talk to my daughter. Quartered Into pieces life divided Cut up sliced...
Megan Davies Mennes

I Might Be Mediocre, But at Least I'm Honest

Megan Davies Mennes | February 12, 2014 | Parents
I refuse to pretend that we are perfect parents and that the sun is always shining in our house. Sometimes it's not. And that's OK.
Debbie Fink


In Awe of Me

Debbie Fink | July 10, 2014 | Women
I didn't like being the benchmark for which "strong" was based. Rather, I just wanted to be "Debbie": normal, cancer-free and worrying about which pre-natal vitamins to take, not what chemo won't make me vomit, mortality and, worst, not being able to have kids of my own.
Suzanne Barston


Our Bodies, Ourselves: Gisele's Breastfeeding Photo and Our Obsession With Our Physical Selves

Suzanne Barston | February 12, 2014 | Women
By focusing so much on these constructs of birth and breastfeeding and smacking the labels "progressive" or "feminist" on them, we're once again defining ourselves by our bodies and how they operate.
Jon Hotchkiss


Be Less Stupid: 5 Sex Urban Legends Investigated

Jon Hotchkiss | February 12, 2014 | Science
Because talking about sex is so often frowned upon, especially at Thanksgiving dinner, with your wife's mother, myths, mysteries, half truths and lies continue to infect popular discourse. Here now, we investigate 5 sex urban legends and reveal the facts.

My Name Is Marie, and I Love My Fat

Bustle | February 12, 2014 | Women
We don't live at a time when fat is considered beautiful by the mainstream, so we have to fight to make people realize the beauty in it. And fighting is never easy, but it's worth it.
Karen Gifford


Telling Women to Be Like Men Doesn't Work

Karen Gifford | February 12, 2014 | Business
What will happen when her company hits a rough patch? And how will she ever exercise genuine authority if she thinks she has to hide behind a mask to appear powerful?
Lindsey Mead


Things You Do When You're an Adult

Lindsey Mead | February 12, 2014 | Parents
What is this about? Is it stubborn denial? Do we all still think of ourselves as 18? The aches in my back, weakness in my knee and wrinkles on my face all speak to my actual age. As do the, you know, children. And yet. And still.
Keeli Sorensen

Reducing the Vulnerability Associated With Human Trafficking

Keeli Sorensen | February 12, 2014 | Impact
It's important to remember that human trafficking and modern slavery is not just a crime committed by a criminal against his or her victim.
Diane Smith


More Women Tech Entrepreneurs -- Hallelujah!

Diane Smith | February 12, 2014 | Women
I've judged plenty of business plan competitions, but this one was special; over half the finalists were women entrepreneurs. Yes, women... technology... entrepreneurs.

What I Thought My Gift Said... And What My Husband Really Thought

TueNight | February 12, 2014 | Women
Either my husband is the hardest person on the planet to shop for (it's probably this), or my gifts give off the vibe of being an assignment.
Sara M. Grimes


When it Comes to Gendered Toys, the Pink Aisle Is Still Alive and Well

Sara M. Grimes | February 12, 2014 | Canada Living
Toys and gender have been a pretty hot topic lately, with various movements to de-gender segregate the toy aisle gaining momentum on both sides of the Atlantic. Enter GoldieBlox. The toy's creator has been very vocal about the fact that GoldieBlox was designed to "disrupt the pink aisle." Instead, it does anything but.
Marianne Schnall


What Will It Take to Make a Woman President?: Sheryl Sandberg, Nancy Pelosi, Olympia Snowe and Others Weigh In

Marianne Schnall | February 12, 2014 | Politics
Many other nations have elected women presidents so why not the U.S.? What will it take to chart the conditions to achieve that milestone?
Spark Camp

Professional Events Can Be Personally Meaningful

Spark Camp | February 11, 2014 | Women
Our world views shrink as we see the same people talking about the same topics, again and again. We're both experiencing and seeing evidence of a growing event fatigue, with little on the horizon to replace the meaning and intellectual nourishment that a great gathering can provide. There are ways to buck this trend.