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Where Love Lives In The Brain

Amanda L. Chan | June 21, 2012 | Healthy Living
Do you really love someone, or are you just sexually attracted to them? Scientists have found a way to tell the difference between the two in the brain. Researchers from Concordia University, the University of Geneva, West Virginia University and Syracuse University have found that when a person is...

Lusty Lady Gets Creative: Famed SF Strip Club Brainstorms Ways To Stay Afloat (PHOTOS)

Robin Wilkey | June 22, 2012 | San Francisco
SAN FRANCISCO -- The city's alternative community was shaken last month at news that Lusty Lady, the business that made history when it became the world's first cooperatively owned and unionized strip club, was in danger of closing. The club board of directors, which also strives to employ...

SunTrust Banks Hit With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit By EEOC

Christina Wilkie | June 21, 2012 | Business
SunTrust Banks, one of the nation's largest financial services providers, plans to "vigorously defend" itself against a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by a federal agency in a Florida court last week. The suit alleges that a branch manager in Sarasota subjected female employees to "unwelcome, sexually graphic and vulgar sexual...

Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

Lori Fradkin | November 15, 2012 | Women
During senior lifestyle editor Lori Fradkin's last year of college, she and her roommate decided they wanted wine and cheese to accompany a movie, but instead of going to an actual supermarket, they walked to the convenience store nearby. Unsurprisingly, the cheese they found there wasn't what they...

'Awkward' Season 2: Ashley Rickards Talks Jenna's Love Triangle, Her Mom Drama And More

Jaimie Etkin | June 21, 2012 | TV
When "Awkward" debuted in the summer of 2011, it quickly became one of MTV's first successful scripted series, earning praise from critics and fans alike for its smart take on the teen dramedy genre. "Awkward" (Season 2 premieres Thurs., June 28, 10:30 p.m. ET) centers on high...

Body Exchange, Gym, Bans Skinny People To Create A Safe Haven For Plus-Size Women

Emma Gray | June 21, 2012 | Women
In an effort to create a more comfortable workout environment for plus-size women, Body Exchange, a Vancouver-area gym, has adopted an unusual membership policy. It doesn't allow men or thinner women to be members, the British Columbia-based newspaper, The Province, reported. Body Exchange caters to plus-size women of...'s Vibrators Are The Site's Biggest-Seller

Drew Guarini | June 22, 2012 | Small Business is only a year old, but the gay social network turned flash sale site already has 5 million users who have purchased 1.8 million items for a current sales rate of 2.6 sales per minute. But among the many eclectic, curated items that...

Kim Kardashian Angers PETA With Python Skin Boots

Katherine Bindley | June 21, 2012 | Green
Kim Kardashian is once again facing criticism from members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) -- this time, though, it's not for fur. Instead, the reality star was seen sporting Christian Loubitan boots made out of real python skin. "They’d go well with a Dalmatian-fur coat, which...

'Celeste And Jesse Forever' Trailer: 500 Days Of Bummer?

Christopher Rosen | July 26, 2012 | Entertainment
"Celeste and Jesse Forever" -- the writing debut of "Parks and Recreation" star Rashida Jones -- premiered to strong reviews at the Sundance Film Festival, and based on this new trailer it's easy to see why. The film, which stars Jones and Andy Samberg as the...

Jon Gosselin Apologizes To Ex-Wife Kate Gosselin

Stephanie Marcus | June 22, 2012 | Celebrity
Jon Gosselin has apologized to his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin. In a new interview with People magazine, the former reality star and father of eight children says that despite a bitter divorce, he and Kate are getting along better -- and he regrets some of his post-divorce behavior....

Serial Mistress: Karen Marley Has Had Affairs With More Than 50 Married Men (VIDEO)

Brittany Wong | June 21, 2012 | Divorce
No need to worry about this serial mistress stealing your husband -- she "just wants to borrow him." On Wednesday's episode of "Dr. Drew" on HLN, self-professed serial mistress Karen Marley confessed to carrying on affairs with more than 50 married men over the last...

Kathrine Switzer, Marathon Running Pioneer, Set The Pace For Women (VIDEO)

Kristen Stenerson | June 23, 2012 | Fifty
June 23rd marks the 40th anniversary of Title IX -- the law that made all educational programs and activities available to both genders. The law has provided countless opportunities for women and girls in sports. One outspoken athlete, Kathrine Switzer, has paved the way for women in...

Andy Cohen Attacked By Bird At 'Real Housewives Of Orange County' Reunion (VIDEO)

Chris Harnick | June 21, 2012 | TV
Andy Cohen was attacked during "The Real Housewives of Orange County" reunion special, but not by one of the ladies. It wasn't a plane, nor was it Superman ... it was a bird. In this sneak peek of the reunion special, Cohen is playing moderator to the "OC"...

Jemima Kirke Baby: 'Girls' Star Pregnant With Second Child

Katelyn Mullen | August 21, 2012 | Celebrity
There's another baby on the way for Jemima Kirke!

Jackson Memorial Surgeons First In The World To Remove Mouth Tumor In Utero (VIDEO)

Amanda McCorquodale | June 27, 2012 | Miami
MIAMI -- Jackson Memorial Hospital surgeons report that they have performed the world's first removal of an oral tumor from a baby in utero. At a press conference Thursday, Tammy Gonzalez said she went in for a routine ultrsaound at 17 weeks and saw a peculiar sight: It looked like...

'Modest' Swimwear No Longer Just For The Pious, As Niche Entrepreneurs Dive In

Alice Hines | June 22, 2012 | Small Business
Crystal Huyben, 27, a born-again Christian from Ontario, likes to cover everything from her knees to her collarbone when she gets in the water. "Modesty has always been important to me, believing that our sexuality is an amazing gift from God," she said. "[It's] something to be protected, not...

Snooki and JWoww Talk 'Jersey Shore' Spinoff, 'Girls,' Reality TV

Leigh Weingus | June 21, 2012 | TV
Snooki and JWoww may be two of the coolest girls in New Jersey, but they aren't exactly up to date on current TV. In a recent interview with Vulture, the Jersey girls admitted they haven't seen HBO's "Girls," arguably the most-discussed new show...

'The Newsroom': The Cast Of Aaron Sorkin's New HBO Drama Dishes About Their Characters

Maggie Furlong | June 21, 2012 | TV
"The Newsroom" (premieres Sun., June 24, 10 p.m. ET on HBO) is very much an Aaron Sorkin show, and it's ruffled a lot of critical feathers. You've probably read reviews on both ends of the spectrum (including thoughts from HuffPost TV's own Maureen Ryan), but what...

Ohio Personhood Amendment Push Facing Significant Signature Shortfall

Luke Johnson | August 21, 2012 | Politics
COLUMBUS, Ohio — An anti-abortion group in Ohio is facing a significant shortfall in the number of signatures needed to ask voters in the presidential battleground this fall whether the state constitution should declare that life begins when a human egg is fertilized, throwing up another obstacle for the "personhood"...

5 Dangers Awaiting You At The Nail Salon

Dana Oliver | October 11, 2012 | Style
I look forward to my Saturday afternoons in the pedicure chair. However, an unforeseeable prick with cuticle clippers or bruising from a foot file can turn my relaxing moment into a beauty nightmare. And there's only so much antibiotic ointment and designer Band-Aids a...
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