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Holiday Cheers! A Rhyming Farewell to 2010

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Happy hols to all! No matter your pick--
Tinsel and baubles? General Tso's and a flick?
Spruce or menorah, light up the lights!
Let's tour the year past, and take in the sights--
Chi Chi Le Le, heroic miners!
Coal for all the Tea Party whiners!
Eyjafjallajokul, travelers waylaid . . .
(Icelandic rhyming's beyond my pay grade.)
Curvy Joannie, morning drinking,
Sterling Cooper Draper Price is sinking.
Avatar and Mockingjay--
We watched 3D, we read YA.
Jerry Brown's back--no Moonbeam joke;
Prop 19 is up in smoke.
Boehner's orange, Pelosi's blue--
Whimpering grizzlies, Sarah who?
She's spending her days in Iowa
No wassail in Wasilla. Why? Oh duh.
Farewell Rahm and farewell Russ
Feingold. Joe Miller--what a wuss!
A hornet's nest for Lisbeth Salander
Her tattoos, piercings, hacking and her
Lust for a Swedish journalist
(I made a rhyme with Mr. Blomkvist!)
Burj Khalifa rises high
Taller than Taipei, in Dubai
Julian Assange, hero or rake?
Is Wikileaks journalism--or is it fake?
Facebook and Zuckerberg, Twitter, eBay
Where's my bone? down in Treme
The Gores did split, inconvenient no more,
and warrior McChrystal sent home from the war.
Food fight! Now it's quinoa and kale
Speck and kolrabi, microbrewed ale.
Cookies in schools! Don't take my fat!
Bubba's a vegan--imagine that.
Glenn and Jon and Stephen, oh dear!
Rallies for honor and sanity and fear
First Dude shellacked by an angry mob,
Goodbye Larry Summers, heck of a job.
Gold for Shaun White, snowboarding master
Myrrh for Apollo! Ohno! Who's faster?
Deepwater Horizon, an oily sea
But stiff upper lips (no shellfish for me!)
The sporting life! Now here's the score:
LeBron picked a team! What, you want more?
Tiger's selling tabloids, but how about greens
in regulation? They're far between.
Will Santa hear your Kindle wish?
Author! Rocker! Patti Smith!
A wizened Stone settles some scores
Henrietta Lacks, Obama's Wars
Goodbye JD, who went into the Rye
An Unmarried Woman too young to die,
A musical McGarrigle met her match
Kevin McCarthy's body was finally snatched
Did I miss your hero, a big event?
Tears for Haiti, prayers sent
Liu Xiaobo, Aung San Suu Kyi
The carolers sing a song for thee
Magi trek and ornaments dangle
So (with apologies to Roger Angell)
Wishes and hopes, the end is nigh
for twenty-ten, the year gone by.

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